Can you guess which celeb has shared this adorable throwback pic?

How CUTE was this guy when he was little?!

This little fella was as cute as he was back then as he is now.

Check out those adorable dimples!

Have you worked out who he is?

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Some may say that this is a little Mysterious…

It’s Peter Andre!

The 43-year-old shared this throwback photo on Tuesday to Instagram with the caption: “I’ve always been a smiler”

Oh, our hearts are melting…

Also, can we note how much his children Princess and Junior look like young Pete?!

Fans of the hunk had to comment on the photo to share how similar him and his kids are.

“Wow I never thought princess was anything like you @peterandre but this photo proves otherwise! Daddies double!x”, said one.

One Corrie fan also compared him to one of the actors: “This looks like Simon from coronation street 😂”

Another said: “Junior has your eyes and princess your smile💜💜”

We could not agree more!

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Pete must be so proud.

You go Junior!