Can you guess this lady’s famous actress sister?

People have said they look" identical"

Who knew that this actress has such a lookalike sister?

This 24-year-old has her own fashion label, and shares nearly exactly the same facial features as her older sibling.

Those big lips, the large hazel-green eyes and strong eyebrows seem to be shared in this family.

Can you see it?

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This might give it away!

Her famous sister posed this photo of her younger “twin” to her Instagram page, and everybody was blown away at the resemblance.

Elle’s 34-year-old sister wrote: “Sister’s can be a pain in the hole but my god they’re impressive …. check out this little hustler @pippy.piper .

She added: “If you like to feel casual and “FIT” This is your brand. And if you like dressing your sons in leggings -there’s a kids line to follow. #yessiter .”

Got it?

It’s Billie Piper! The Piper bit might have given it away, but can you believe the similarities between these two sister’s?

Elle shared this throwback snap of Billie, her sister Harley and brother Charley. What an adorable family!

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Billie’s fans were shocked when she uploaded the snap of her secret family member.

One wrote: “Omg ur like twins”.

Another exclaimed: “Oh my god she looks identical to youuu!!!!”

And a very puzzled follower wrote: “You look so alike I actually got confused if she your sister or not. Still don’t really understand tho.”

Who knew!

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