Can DNA ever get over making such a big faux pas in their live BGT routine?

Ouch! The mind-reading duo have a cringy slip up LIVE on TV

It’s the worst thing that can happen to a mind reader or magician live on stage and in front of MILLIONS of viewers.

You set up the trick and then when it comes to the pay off, you get it wrong.

And that’s what happened last night to the brilliant DNA on Britain’s Got Talent.

DNA had previously impressed judges and viewers alike (Credit: ITV)

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They were the two Essex lads who had previously stunned the judges and audiences alike back in the audition stages of the series with their amazing mind reading abilities.

But in last night’s grand final performance, the boys made a slip up part way through their routine that put paid to their dreams of being named the winners of BGT 2017 and has raised questions about whether they can ever get over the big mistake!

During part of the five minute routine, one half of DNA Andrew asked David Walliams to flick through one of his books, stop at a page and select a certain word from it.

DNA’s Andrew asked David t select a page from his book and choose a word (Credit: ITV)

He was then asked by the other DNA member Darren to tell him which page number he had chosen.

David said, “31”, which was not what Darren wanted to hear in front of millions of viewers.

Why? Because it wasn’t what he’d written down.

Although Darren’s face didn’t give anything away, he piped up sheepishly: ‘I got very close, I’m going to change it – I did get 81. Excuse me.”


Well, a ‘3’ does look a bit like an ‘8’, right?

When David said he had chosen page 31, DNA’s Darren gulped! He’d chosen 81! (CREDIT: ITV)

However, like a pro, Darren pushed on and went on to correctly guess that “lady”was the word David had chosen from page 31.

Although the clever fellas ended their routine on a high, viewers simply  couldn’t let go of the mistake.

“Awkward that DNA guessed the wrong number.” said viewer Charlotte

“That one guy was really struggling with what he was supposed to do next after messed up the page number,” Carol Nicholls added.

Meanwhile, one eagle eyed viewer reckoned he saw Andrew from DNA giving his sidekick a clue to the page number David had selected, which clearly he hadn’t pick up on.

One viewer thought they saw how Andrew signalled at Darren (Credit: Twitter)

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“He’s holding the book with THREE fingers. That was a signal to his partner who didn’t even pick up on it!” Styles pointed out.

Meanwhile, another viewer thought it was unfair that the boys were criticised for their slip up when a dancer in Merseygirls fell off a chair and nothing was mentioned about it.

DNA themselves didn’t comment on the faux pas on social media but merely thanked viewers for their continual support.

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