Calum Best calls in police after fraudster uses his name to send explicit photos

The conman had been using intimate photos pretending to be Calum

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best has been forced to get police involved after a fraudster used his name to send nude photos and videos pretending to be the star.

It’s believed that the impersonator was luring girls using Calum’s name.

But the 36-year-old has now slammed the fraudster and spoke about being fed up of people using explicit photos alongside his name.

The star was forced to get police involved (Credit: FameFlynet)

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The reality star has previously asked Gmail to take action and explained to them that the account in question was “sending inappropriate picture/videos of his privates”.

He wrote: “Dear Gmail, I’m reporting He is impersonating me sending, inappropriate picture/videos of his privates. Please take action.”

Speaking to the Sun’s Bizarre column he said: “It’s disgusting that someone can do this.

“It tarnishes my name not to mention the others he conned.”

He then contacted the Metropolitan Police to put a stop to the X-rated images.

Speaking about the conman a source told the publication: “This guy was just gross.

“He would lure girls and was getting off on it and was using Calum’s name.

“There were exchanges and they would write back. There was some really gross stuff. It’s really distasteful.”

The star branded the fraudster “disgusting” (Credit: FameFlynet)

The star was known in the past for his “bad boy” image but has been determined to turn that around over the last few years.

Earlier this year Calum appeared on Channel 5’s In Therapy where he candidly opened up about his personal life and the demons he faces on a daily basis.

He spoke about his relationship with his late alcoholic football legend farther George Best as well as his fears of commitment and his own wild antics.

Calum lost his dad in 2005 and explained that his life fell apart following the tragic incident.

Talking to therapist Mandy Saligari about his dad he said: “Dad was an icon and I was the son. I’ve had to hear what a legend he was… holy shit, I don’t feel any of that.

“When he was alive, I had hope we’d have a relationship, when he died I lost that hope.”

Calum recently appeared on In Therapy (Credit: Channel 5)

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Speaking about his own relationship with alcohol Calum said: “I drank every day and did drugs and slept around and built a horrible reputation for myself.

“I was a bit ruthless in my ways. I was going here, there and everywhere with no shame or morals about it.”

Viewers were shocked at his honesty and shared their support for the star.

One said: “@CalumBest I do love you❤ your dad would be so proud of what a gentleman you are x.”

Another added: “#InTherapy @CalumBest Took guts for you to do. Much respect to you Calum for talking about your demons. You are such a gentleman.”

Mandy also took to social media to reveal how proud she was of Calum for bravely speaking out about his issues.

She wrote: ‘Touched by @CalumBest #intherapy it’s so tough being the child in a family of addiction but where there’s #courage there’s always #hope.’