Call The Midwife star’s real-life birth drama following liver scare

She had good support on hand!

Call The Midwife star Helen George has opened up about the birth of her first child, who was delivered early due to complications.

The actress and her co-star partner Jack Ashton welcomed Wren Ivy three weeks sooner than expected in September, after she was diagnosed with IPC.

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Helen gave birth in September (Credit: FameFlyNet)

ICP, abbreviated from intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, is a build-up of acid in the body which can cause premature or stillborn births and affects around 5,500 women a year in the UK.

The 32-year-old told Event magazine: “My baby was delivered early because I developed a liver condition called ICP.

“The bile acids can actually pass into the baby through the placenta and have devastating effects.

“There’s a higher risk of stillbirth and it can lead to a very dangerous childbirth for the mother.

“The side effects are mainly a really strong sense of itching. I was scratching myself so much I had bruises all over my body.

“It’s awful. It can drive women to suicide in some cases. It’s a horrific illness.”

Call The Midwife fans were delighted when Helen announce the arrival of her daughter with a gorgeous in September.

“Our little Wren Ivy,” she wrote on Instagram.

Sleeping beauty: Helen and Jack welcomed little Wren Ivy in September (Credit: Instagram)

She and Jack also shared pics of a celebration welcoming their little girl to the world.

She arrived early, so was able to attend her own baby shower, although was oblivious, as her parents cut her cake.

Little Wren Ivy showed up early to make an appearance at the baby shower! (Credit: Instagram)

Helen captioned a snap of the special moment: “When your baby turns up early for her own baby shower, welcome to the world little one.

“What an amazing day, we have the best friends.”

The happy couple cut their baby shower cake. (Credit: Instagram)

Clearly little Wren didn’t want to miss out on a good party!

Daddy Jack is also a star of Call The Midwife (Credit: Instagram)

Helen revealed that she gave birth within two days of seeking medical help.

“It’s that quick,” added the new mum.

She has subsequently become a patron of ICP Support, the charity that helped her.

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