Buried By The Bernards

Buried By The Bernards on Netflix: What’s it about and DO they have a drive-thru funeral service?

Stand by for your new Netflix obsession

Buried By The Bernards on Netflix could be your next big, binge-worthy series on the streaming service.

The reality show is something out of the ordinary, too – it features a family-run funeral company in Memphis.

With all that being said, here’s all you need to know about the series, and the amazing Bernard family.

Ryan from Buried By The Bernards
Ryan runs the business (Credit: Netflix)

What is Buried By The Bernards on Netflix all about?

In 2017, Ryan Bernard opened the doors to R Bernard Funeral Services in Memphis, Tennessee.

Ryan offered complete, yet affordable funeral packages to help his community deal with high funeral costs.

And this eight-episode series on the streaming service shows Ryan and his family as they run the company in the toughest of times.

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Netflix says that the family survive this intense line of work with “one part understanding, a pinch of sarcasm, and a heaping spoonful of blatant honesty.”

“This unorthodox funeral home is only outmatched by the unconventional Bernard family themselves,” it says.

Why did the Bernards get a series on Netflix?

Bernard Funeral Services made a TV advert selling their services in 2018.

It showed a dead man in a coffin so shocked at the company’s low prices, he sits up and demands to be taken to the Bernard funeral home.

Subsequently, the advert went viral and gained the company global notoriety.

Soon after, Bernard Funeral Services also introduced a ‘drive-thru’ service, where clients could view and pay respects to their deceased loved ones through a window outside of the building.

In COVID times, this option has become an important feature.

Reagan is part of the Buried By The Bernards
Reagan helps out with the business (Credit: Netflix)

Who are the characters?

Ryan is the business owner and dad to Deja and Reagan.

Also featured in the show is Ryan’s Uncle Kevin – a larger-than-life character who helps to run the home.

And then there’s the matriarch of the family, Ryan’s mother Debbie.

Ryan describes Debbie as a combination of “Kim Jong-un, Stalin and Mussolini”.

Everybody had something that they had to contribute.

But Debbie told the Memphis Flyer website her whole family chips in.

“Ryan’s was the biggest, actually.

“He had to go to class, go to mortuary school, take the mortuary test and everything.”

She also said her role in the company is “research and development”.

The drive-thru in the Bernard funeral home
The drive-thru in the Bernard funeral home (Credit: YouTube)

What did people say about the drive-thru aspect?

Before the COVID pandemic hit, the Bernards’ funeral service was a target for comedians.

Ryan said he had to go talkshows to defend the legitimacy of this operation.

However, although the series was filmed before the COVID pandemic hit, the drive-thru element is now important.

“It’s been helping out families, too,” he says.

Debbie from Buried By The Bernards
The series starts on Friday (Credit: Netflix)

When will it start?

Buried By The Bernards will start on Netflix this Friday (Feburary 12).

And while the family looks set to provide plenty of comedy, Ryan wants the show that the family is serious about its business.

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In talks with Netflix, it told the family that it could make a series that focuses on the professionalism and the family dynamic.

“Obviously, my uncle Kevin and my mama, they can act a fool. They gonna do that anyway,” Ryan joked.

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