Coronation Street just brought a character back from the DEAD

There was NO CLUE this was coming

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Oh wow. In these days of social media, it’s nigh on impossible to keep storylines secret.

But just occasionally the soaps manage it.

And Coronation Street has just pulled off a master stroke.

For much of tonight’s offering, we saw Phelan playing Mr Nice Guy.

Phelan’s been keeping a big secret (Credit: ITV)

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He helped his daughter Nicola sort out her first ‘owner’ home and basked in the glory of being a good dad.

But then we got an inkling something bad was coming when wife Eileen made a comment about never really knowing someone…

Next scene, Phelan was seen arriving at an abandoned house, apparently wearing medical scrubs, and being very shifty.

He entered a house and began talking to someone – menacingly – in a run-down flat.

The Scouse psycho started talking about whether he should embrace being a good guy or stick with his dark side.

And then the person was revealed – as Andy. Andy who everyone believed had been murdered by Phelan!

Andy’s ALIVE (Credit: ITV)

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Back in January Phelan hit Andy over the head with a laptop because he was about to expose him as a wrong un – and we all  saw him wrap his (seemingly) lifeless body in a rug.

Next time we saw Phelan, his boots were covered in mud. EVERYTHING was pointing towards the fact he’d bumped off the bistro waiter.

So… does this mean the baldie builder is not quite as evil as we thought… (one less murder vicitm) – or even worse for his sustained cruelty and double-life leading?!

We. Can’t. SPEAK!

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