Bros are back! Hooray. But not as we know them – boo!

They're going to be famous again...

Bros are back!

That’s right, the 1980s pop sensation are making a comeback.

Brothers Luke and Matt Goss have decided to reunite, 24 years after they split.

Matt Goss said: “The most memorable moments for me in Bros so far is Wembley Stadium and without question our final global tour.

“Both of these experiences were just with Luke and myself. As the lead singer of the band, my musical connection has always been with Luke. Bros is Matt and Luke.”

Bros (Ian West/PA)

Luke added: “Bros has been part of my life for 30 years. I’m deeply proud of it. Our biggest show was at Wembley Stadium, Bros Into Summer, it was just Matt and I so I feel comfortable saying with great pride that Matt and I are Bros.”

The group – who gave us hits like When Will I Be Famous? and Drop The Boy – will be onstage at London’s O2 Arena in August, with singer Matt Goss promising that it will be a “spectacle” and the best show Bros have ever performed.

Originally a trio, Craig Logan quit in 1989 due to illness and struggling to deal with the pressures of fame.

Matt and Luke eventually quit the band in 1992, although they never made an official announcement, they just stopped recording.

But now they’re back!

Former Brosettes are now flooding Twitter in a flurry of excitement, and the band was trending within minutes of the news breaking.

It sounds as if it’s going to be quite the bunfight when those tickets go on sale!

However, while the twins will be back, former member Craig Logan isn’t on the bill at this point.

Bros in 1998 (PA)

Matt said Craig – who left the band in 1989 – was welcome to join them but he was focused on his career as a music executive.

“Me and my brother started the band at school. Bros is Matt and Luke without question,” he said.

Luke added: “Some of our greatest achievements are just the two of us. I’m very comfortable to say Matt and Luke are Bros.”

But some Brosettes don’t think the reunion will be complete without Craig.

And of course, you can’t please everyone…

What do you think of the reunion? It makes us feel old.