Brooklyn Beckham told off by parents after releasing provocative picture

It features in a photography book - which has been critically slated...

Not too long ago, Brooklyn Beckham, son of millionaire celebrity couple David and Victoria, picked up a camera and started taking pictures.

Pretty soon after, he was offered a book deal by Penguin to publish his creative work, which is set to hit the shelves this week.

To promo the book, Penguin have issued a series of pre-release images week that have already received mixed reviews.

Brooklyn’s book has already received criticism about the quality of the pictures and captions (credit; Instagram)

Alice Jones, arts editor of the i Paper, posted an early glimpse at the book and tweeted: “Huge fan of Brooklyn Beckham’s terrible photographs and even worse captions.”

In her post she highlighted two particular pages that she took exception to.

On one, the caption next to a picture of an elephant in the shadows, read: “Elephants in Kenya. So hard to photograph, but incredible to see.”

On the opposite page, there is a blurry shot of a crowd at a restaurant. The caption for that picture reads: “Dinner. I like this picture – it’s out of focus but you can tell there’s a lot going on.”

But while critics might not be so kind about the book of 300 pictures, it would appear that Brooklyn’s parents David and Victoria aren’t entirely happy with a picture that has made it into the book.

Half way through the tome, is a black and white shot that shows Brooklyn’s feet dangerously close to the ledge of a high-rise building in New York.

Brooklyn says he is parents weren’t happy with this picture (Credit: What I See, Penguin Books)

The pic is captioned: “Don’t try this at home; my parents were so angry when they saw this. So stupid. Cool shot though.”

And yes, we can see why his mum and dad were not happy with the picture.

Francesca Dow, managing director of Penguin Random House Children’s, said: “Brooklyn Beckham’s images inspire a generation across the globe, and this book will give his fans a broader insight into the world seen through his unique and creative perspective.”

Last year he helped shoot a campaign for Burberry which again attracted much criticism.

Brooklyn proudly holds his first ever book of pictures (Credit: Instagram)

Fashion photographer Chris Floyd said Burberry’s decision to employ the teenage snapper was a “devaluation of photography” that showed a lack of respect for experienced professionals.

“David and Victoria Beckham represent sheer willpower and graft,” he said.

Brooklyn shot for Burberry last year and was criticised by photos who thought he had had it too easy (Credit: Instagram)

“Especially her, she’s climbed that mountain all by herself. They represent hard work and then their 16-year-old year son comes along and it’s sheer nepotism. He hasn’t done it from hard work, which is counter-intuitive to what his parents represent.”