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Saturday 23rd March 2019

Broadchurch writer shares dark secrets of final ever episode…

Creator Chris Chibnall promises viewers answers, as the drama comes to a permanent end

It’s been one of the most talked-about dramas in recent years, and kept millions of viewers gripped with whodunnit storylines over three fantastic series.

But on Monday night, everything will finally be revealed in the last ever episode of Broadchurch.

Yes, there will be no more DI Alec Hardy or DS Ellie Miller, as the coastal crime drama comes to a dramatic conclusion – and we all find out who is responsible for the brutal attack on Trish Winterman.

The show’s writer and creator Chris Chibnall says the final episode will “go to a lot of dark places” before everything is revealed. And he also admitted that he shed a tear or two as he penned the grand finale.

“Sitting down to write the final episode was very emotional and I admit I actually had a bit of a weep doing it,” he told The Sun TV Magazine.

“Obviously it is a very emotional story we are telling and there are lots of complex shades of emotion.

“There is the resolution to the story of the attack on Trish, which goes to a lot of dark places, but there is also the small matter of saying goodbye to the show and all these characters.”

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Even my family don't know!

David Tennant and Olivia Colman have won praise galore for their portrayals of the determined detectives. And the star-studded cast for this final series has also included Sarah Parish, Lenny Henry, Charlie Higson and Georgina Campbell.

But Chris reveals that none of the actors involved knew who the attacker was, until the scripts for episode eight were actually delivered.

“David and Olivia didn’t know and neither did Julie,” he said. “You could count on your one hand those who knew – it was basically me, the executive producer, the producer and the director.

“Even my family don’t know!” he added.

“My wife and eldest son are watching it week by week on TV and I get into trouble from them. I got a punch in the arm when they saw Mark (Latimer, Andrew Buchan) trying to kill himself in episode six.

“But I love that they don’t know, as it means I can experience it with them each week and see first-hand how the audience are reacting.”

Fans have been sharing their theories and guesses online after every episode, but with a long list of suspects we’re not much clearer as to who will end up being revealed as the bad guy (or bad guys).

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But we can be sure that – as the episode and the show as a whole comes to a close on Monday night – all our questions will be answered.

“I am really proud of the final episode,” Chris said.

“Hopefully there are some surprises, but I also hope it is satisfying. I think there is a sense of completion and lots of nods to where we started in series one.”

But as for whether the Dorset-based drama could ever return in the future? Chris – who has now moved on to running the new series of Doctor Who – admits he’d never say never.

“Who knows? It’s certainly the end for now, but if I have a story and I can convince David and Olivia to come back… ask me again in 10 years!”