Good Morning Britain broadcast brought to a standstill as light bulb shatters

It gave them all a fright

An eventful outing of Good Morning Britain became even livelier when a light bulb shattered while Alex Beresford was delivering his weather forecast.

The presenter was stopped in his tracks by a loud bang across the studio.

Ales was disturbed by the accident (Credit: ITV)

And, as the camera panned to the light bulb in question, viewers could see why the studio was in panic… the glass fitting looked like it could do some serious damage if shards make contact with human flesh!

The offending light bulb (Credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan obviously had a little rant about the incident, complaining that the bulbs were ridiculous anyway and looked like Christmas decorations.

H also joked that someone’s job would be in jeopardy.

Piers called out the stupid light fitting (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan was caught out using his phone during a new bulletin.

As the camera returned to him, Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins, viewers could see him staring intently at his mobile.

“Are you busy Piers?” Susanna asked.

Realising cameras had captured his distraction, Piers dropped his device.

But he soon had an excuse, insisting: “Sorry! I like to keep in touch with the viewers…

“While you’re doing your news reading bit, I’m communicating with the viewers on social media and seeing what they’re feeling.”

Later, he turned his attentions to needling one of the breakfast show’s directors, who walked onto set.

The director took a walk on set (Credit: ITV)

“I was told you weren’t working today?” Piers told him.

Piers has a word (Credit: ITV)

The anchor then told viewers: “He spends two and a half hours in our ears shouting at us.

“He’s also the star of the last Bridget Jones movie and since then he’s just taken to walking in on camera as if he’s the star of this particular show.

“Always a bit awkward when the off-camera guys sort of over step their mark.”

We’re sure that made Aaron’s day…

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