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Brits say Government plan to give everyone with COVID £500 is ‘incentivising people to catch it’

People will be 'queuing round the block' to catch it

Brits have claimed new Government plans to give everyone with COVID £500 is “incentivising people to catch it”.

Reports this morning (January 22) suggest plans are afoot to give the lump sum to everyone who tests positive for coronavirus.

It’s thought the money would help to “incentivise quarantine”.

The plan is reportedly part of leaked documents from the Department of Health – and it could cost more than £450 million per week.

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There are fears that the new Government plans to pay people with COVID £500 could ‘incentivise’ catching it (Credit: Pexels)

What have Brits said about the proposals?

Some have stated that it could incentivise people to activity try to get the deadly virus.

Posting on Twitter, one person called it a “ridiculous idea”.

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They shared: “Ridiculous idea, incentivising people to go and catch it.”

“Had that exact conversation with my hubby,” another replied.

“They have this all [bleep] about face. So if you catch it you get 500 quid? Should be the other way round. People will be out there trying to get it now,” said another.

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“Absolutely idiotic,” slammed another.

“They know most of the country is still running about partying, catching, spreading yet they offer a 500 quid bonus if you get it,” they added.

So if you catch it now you get 500 quid? People will be out there trying to get it now.

Others said the world had “gone mad”.

“Is it just me or has the world gone mad? Do the government want this COVID disaster to continue forever?

“They are going to pay £500 if you contract COVID – they will be queuing round the block to get it.”

boris johnson press conference
Boris Johnson will address the nation tonight (Credit: ITV)

What has the government said about the £500 plans?

Earlier on today, Environment Secretary George Eustice appeared on Good Morning Britain and was asked about the government’s £500 plans.

He said the incentive isn’t needed at the moment as the country is in lockdown.

However, he hinted that it could be used as an “exit plan”.

It comes as Boris Johnson prepares to chair a Downing Street press conference later today.

It’s thought he will make an urgent plea to Brits to adhere to the lockdown restrictions as infection rates top 3.5 million.

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