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Brits rage as shoppers flood supermarkets ‘panic-buying’ after France shuts down borders

Here we go again!

Brits are complaining about panic-buying supermarket customers after France blocked UK trade traffic.

After a new mutant strain of COVID was reported in London, multiple countries responded by banning UK travel.

And France responded by blocking English travel and also incoming and outgoing freight shipping.

Now panic-buying is being reported across the UK amid fears that there could soon be a food and supplies shortage.

Dozens took to Twitter to vent their rage. Many complained about lengthy queues, stripped shelves and lack of social distancing.

panic buying christmas empty shelves
Empty shelves are being reported as panic-buying sets in (Credit: Unsplash)

Shoppers are stocking up as panic sets in

One disgruntled shopper complained: “The shops in town have full car parks. Total chaos. #panicbuying.”

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While another shopper ranted: “Tescos was mobbed at 8:00 am #PanicBuying at Christmas.”

And a third shopper lamented: “Just popped to the shop for bread and the shelves are bare from panic buying. #panicbuying #BorisHasFailedTheNation #COVIDIOTS.”

Then a fourth user fumed: “Been told don’t panic about there being no food for Xmas.

“People are panicking and buying all the food. Now it’s carnage in the shops. Be safe, be kind folks. #christmasisnotcancelled #COVID20 #panicbuying.”

Whereas a fifth user begged: “Can everyone stop #panicbuying please. As NHS staff are still working up until Christmas & work Christmas Day. They will then need to buy food.”

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s has warned that they may run out of fruit and vegetables supplies if the French borders continue to shut out British trade.

panic buying at the supermarket
Have you noticed empty shelves at your local supermarket? (Credit: Unsplash)

Sainsbury’s warns shoppers over fresh produce

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “All products for the Great British Christmas lunch are already in the country and we have plenty of these.

“We are also sourcing everything we can from the UK. And looking into alternative transport for product sourced from Europe.

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“If nothing changes, we will start to see gaps over the coming days on lettuce, some salad leaves, cauliflowers, broccoli and citrus fruit. All of which are imported from the Continent at this time of year.

Before adding: “We hope the UK and French governments can come to a mutually agreeable solution. That prioritises the immediate passage of produce and any other food at the ports.”

However, Transport Secretary Shapps predicts that any shortages will be so slight, most customers won’t notice.

Mr Shapps said: “The supply chain is pretty robust in as much as you get variations in supply all the time. For the most part, people won’t notice it.”

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