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Brits complain of panic buyers ahead of second national lockdown

It's happening again!

Brits are complaining that panic buyers are hitting the shops nationwide.

Their reports come in the wake of Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing there shall be a national lockdown across the UK from Thursday onwards.

Upset Brits have taken to Twitter to complain about massive queues in shops and even stripped shelves.

One unhappy camper tweeted: “I see the greedy English food hoarders are at it again. Think of others for a change you greedy b******s.”

panic buyers second lockdown
Brits are already complaining of empty shelves in supermarkets (Credit: Unsplash)

Why are Brits panic buying?

While another Twitter user lamented: “I can’t believe we’re back to square one already with people queuing outside supermarkets and panic buying. Do a genuine weeks top up and my local #TESCO was rammed.”

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“Come on people did we learn nothing last #panicbuying #secondlockdown.”

And a third user fumed: “People are panic buying at the shops and taking essentials from vulnerable and disabled people..this is more dangerous than virus.”

Whereas yet another user complained: “Panic buying – Why? Supermarkets are still open during lockdown. Are people demented?”

Dozens of other users shared clips and photos of shoppers queueing outside to get into supermarkets.

While additional users shared all too familiar scenes of toilet roll and pasta aisles stripped bare.

The new national lockdown is set to last until 2 December, making it four weeks in total.

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However, Michael Gove has already hinted that it could be extended.

panic buying sainsbury's
Supermarkets are urging customers not to panic buy (Credit: Unsplash)

Is panic buying necessary?

In fact, on Sunday the cabinet minister told Sky News that it would be “foolish” to rule out a possible extension.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge, he said: “We’re going to review it on December 2 but we’re always driven by what the data shows.”

Before adding: “We’re going to look at all of the data.

“We’ve got this four week period during which we’re going to review progress. But of course we’ll always be driven by the data.

“It’s our hope on the basis of the analysis that we have that we will have significantly reduced the reinfection rate.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday evening that the national lockdown was essential.

He argued that it not implemented, tens of thousands of more COVID-19 related deaths shall occur in the coming months.

From Thursday onwards, only essential shops shall remain open.

And Brits are being encouraged to only leave the home for essential reasons.

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