Britain’s oldest surrogate mum accidentally GAVE AWAY her biological baby

The baby was six weeks old when she found out!

Britain’s oldest surrogate mum revealed on Good Morning Britain that she gave away her biological child – without knowing!

Carole Horlock, 50, told hosts that she and her husband were having sex while she was going through fertility treatment.

They were using protection, but she fell pregnant with her partner’s child.

Due to the intense treatment she was having, the couple assumed that the baby wasn’t theirs.

Carole – who describes herself as the ‘world’s most prolific surrogate’ –  had no idea until the baby was six weeks old and the parents went to the doctors for a check-up.

Good Morning Britain

Even when she found out the truth, she didn’t take back the child.

She said: “When we found out, it slightly changed our minds – but not a lot.

“We had decided we didn’t want anymore children and we hadn’t planned for another.

“As far as I was concerned, it was their baby. The only thing that changed really was knowledge. For me, the couple were still the baby’s real parents.”

Carole is now receiving more IVF treatment, and is hoping to fall pregnant with her 14th donor baby – as well as having her own two daughters Megan, 21, and Steffanie, 25.

Good Morning Britain

Doctors have warned that having children at her age could kill her, but she insists she’s not at risk.

She said: “I was last pregnant just three years ago and it was all fine.

“I’ll be fine. If I was worried at all then I wouldn’t do it. But this will be the last time.”

Carol who first became a surrogate at the age of 27, says: “Doctors in the UK have told me I shouldn’t get pregnant again as I’m risking my life.

“Not only am I classed as a geriatric mother, I’m also a ‘great grand multipara’ – meaning I’ve had 10 births or more, which increases the risks of pre-eclampsia, haemorrhage and other complications. It will also be my third caesarean birth.

Good Morning Britain

“People may ask why I’m putting myself through this, and assume I’m mad to enjoy pregnancy and giving birth, but I do. Others think I’m evil for giving away babies.

“But I think people are mad who do bungee jumps or tombstoning from cliffs.

“To me, what could be more wonderful than bringing a much-wanted and much-loved baby into this world?

“And the fact IVF rules say you have to be under 50 means it really is now or never.

“If I do become pregnant at 50, I’ll become Britain’s oldest commercial surrogate and if it’s twins it will be my third multiple birth – I’ve previously had a set of twins and a set of triplets.”