Britain’s Got Talent winner denies he has a cocaine habit

Fans keep asking him, apparently...

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Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowall has come out to deny that he has a drugs problem.

He is upset that fans have suggested he has a cocaine habit.

The singer is having surgery to correct his deviated septum which, he says, is negatively impacting his career.

The 2011 champion made a video from his hospital bed in Glasgow.

Jai won Britain’s Got Talent in 2011 with a cover of Josh Groban’s hit To Where You Are.

He is being operated on by specialist Rhinoplasty surgeon Mr Ray of Elanic Clinic in Glasgow, made a video for fans from his hospital bed.

The 30-year-old said: “The amount of times I’ve been asked if I have a cocaine habit and that’s why I have a deviated septum in the first place has been unreal.

“I don’t have a cocaine habit just in case anyone is wondering.”

Got that, everyone???

The crooner also explained that mucus from his blocked nose was causing sore throats and making him nervous before performances.

And, referencing one of his followers who’d told him he would be given a substance similar to the Class A drug to stop bleeding during his operation, Jai quipped: “Andy McGee says I might get some cocaine to stop the bleeding so it might be a party in Jai’s room tonight.”

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“I’ll be MIA for the next couple of days getting the surgery so I will talk to you all when I feel better, probably not when I have big bruises all over my face cause that’s a bit weird.

“I’m in the hospital and have been well looked after which is great. I’ve just had some people putting my mind at ease because I’m a little bit nervous.”

The Scot is going under the knife of rhinoplasty specialist Mr Ray, at the Elanic centre.

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He explained: “Jai’s procedure is pretty straight forward and our aim is to make him as comfortable as possible throughout the process.”

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