Britain gearing up for the hottest Easter Sunday EVER

Temperatures could reach 25ºC

The Met Office has predicted a spring heatwave over the country, with some areas predicted to get close to temperatures as high as 26ºC.

If the predictions are accurate, it would make this Sunday the hottest Easter Sunder on record in the UK, beating the previous high of 25.3ºC that hit Solent, Hampshire back in 2011.

Instagram @sarah_georgina6
The UK is set for a sunny Easter weekend (Credit: Instagram @sarah_georgina6)

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The Met Office reports that temperatures are already above average for this time of year, and they’re set to rise even higher over the weekend.

Their Chief Meteorologist, Frank Saunders, said that the weekend will be warm across the much of the country.

“With temperatures usually around 12 to 15 Celsius at this time of year, it’s certainly going to be significantly warmer than average this Easter weekend and quite a contrast to the colder weather we’ve seen so far this month.”

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Much of the country will have a cloudless weekend (Credit: Instagram @turtley_anxious)

He went on to say that some areas could see temperatures rising to the mid-twenties.

“Temperatures will reach into the low 20s Celsius quite widely and there’s a good chance some places particularly in the south could see temperatures peaking around 24 to 25 Celsius.”

While air temperatures rise, however, the ocean will remain cool, keeping areas close to the coast from becoming as warm as inland regions.

Northern Ireland and Scotland are set to be a little cooler and cloudier than the rest of the country.

Met Office
The pollen count will be high across the country (Credit: Met Office)

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“There’ll be plenty of sunshine around for many of us throughout the weekend,” Frank said.

“It’ll be cloudier for Northern Ireland and Scotland on Saturday and Easter Sunday so it might be a little cooler here, though for the rest of the country, it’s going to be warm with very little cloud to speak of.”

The hot weather will also be accompanied by a very high pollen count across the vast majority of the UK throughout the UK over the weekend.

The UV index will also rise, ranging from moderate to high across the country.

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