Bride slammed for banning friend from wedding because she won’t lose weight

She wanted her bridesmaids to look "fit" in the photos

A bride has been criticised for banning her friend from her wedding because she wouldn’t lose weight.

An anonymous woman took to Reddit to explain that the bride wanted all of her bridesmaids to “actively lose weight” in the months leading up the wedding photos, so they could “all look fit”.

However, her best friend is refusing to exercise so the bride has removed her from the entire day.

A bride banned her friend from her wedding because she wouldn’t lose weight (Credit: Pexels)

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The woman wrote: “Hello all, I am in a bar right now with a friend of mine who asked me this question and I figured this sub would be the perfect place to ask.

“So she is getting married soon and wants a friend of 10 years to be included in the photos.

“However, this friend wants all her bridesmaids to actively lose weight in the months leading up to the photos, so that they can all look fit.”

She continued: “This woman’s best friend refuses to exercise and continues to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle.

The bride’s best friend is refusing to exercise so she has been removed from the entire day (Credit: Pexels)

“My friend wants to remove her own bridesmaid on the grounds that she refused to lead a healthier life and exercise. Is she the [expletive]?”

Fellow users slammed the bride over her request.

One person commented: “They would be the [expletive], yes. Asking your bridesmaids to lose weight is pretty fucked up to be honest with you.”

Another wrote: “It should be the bridesmaids’ choice to lose weight… after all it’s their body.”

A third added: “Your friend is not really a friend. If you’re saying to someone I’d like to share my day with you, but only if you look like this and live this lifestyle…

Fellow users slammed the bride over her request (Credit: Pexels)

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“I understand wanting to look and feel your best, but when you start on someone else… Maybe your friend should just focus on being a better person, or she’s gonna be able to plan a few more weddings for herself.”

One wrote: “I’m a weightlifter, super healthy, and some of my best friends are overweight.

“I love them as they are, and if I was getting married I wouldn’t ask them to lose weight. Stop making conditional friendships.”

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