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Monday 16th September 2019

Bride demands guest cover her tattoos and DYE her hair or be banned

Cover up or stay away

Bridezillas often go several steps too far when they try to produce the perfect wedding.

But now, a bride in Australia might have gone even further.

A guest has revealed that she was told to not only cover up her tattoos but also dye her blue hair back to its natural colour... or else be banned from the ceremony.

She was told to cover up her tattoos and dye her hair (Credit: Pexels)

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The guest took to a Facebook group to share the news.

She told members of the group that she had been invited to a wedding in Melbourne, Australia.

But the bride-to-be took exception to her tattoos and her pastel-blue hair.

We've put a lot of work into our theme and I'm sorry but your look clashes with it.

The bride-to-be texted her: "We've put a lot of work into our theme and I'm sorry but your look clashes with it. Even if you just put some spray or something on your hair for the night.

"I just want it to all look perfect and I can send you some ideas, nice long sleeve dresses for you to wear or just wear a jacket."

The guest replied: "The wedding is in summer so I'm not sure I could wear a long sleeve dress or jacket?"

"I'm really sensitive to heat so I just don't think I can do that if it's a hot day."

The guest she was sensitive to heat (Credit: Pexels)

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The row continued when the bride said: "I know it's hot but it's my one day so if you can't suck it up, I feel like you don't really care about me or [groom-to-be] and probably shouldn't come.

"I'm not asking much and it's not my fault you get hot. Buy some makeup for your tattoos then if you want to be at my wedding, you'll figure it out.

"If you turn up on the day without anything covered, you won't be let in to the venue."

The guest replied: "Wow, so if I don't give myself heat stress I don't love you guys? Makeup that covers tattoos is crazy expensive."

The guest hit back when she said it cost too much to cover her tattoos (Credit: Pexels)

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The bride-to-be told the guest that money problems were not her issue.

The guest revealed that she would be taking up the issue with the bride-to-be's fiancé.

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