Brian Dowling has lashed out at former Big Brother host Davina McCall.

Brian Dowling hits back at Davina McCall in Big Brother row

'Hurt and upset'

TV presenter Brian Dowling has lashed out at former Big Brother host and accused the show of damaging his mental health.

The pair are locked in a difficult row as Brian claims he was erased from the recent Best Shows Ever series.

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Davina McCall Big Brother
Davina McCall responded to snubbed claims, which only angered Brian more. (Credit: Cover Images)

I can’t believe I’m in this position AGAIN

Davina slammed the snubbing accusation. However, Brian has now responded, damning Davina and the reality show.

The 42-year-old said: “I can’t believe I’m in this position AGAIN where I’m having to justify my feelings regarding BIG BROTHER.”

The former contestant directed his statement directly to Davina. He said: “I’m really sad that you have again posted something today which continues to fan the flames of this on social media and in the press.”

The series has come under fire for not including Brian, who was deemed the ‘ultimate contestant’ after winning the second series and 2010’s Ultimate Big Brother.

The Irish TV presenter had also presented two series of the show when it moved to Channel 5.

Davina McCall responded to Brian Dowling Big Brother claims
Davina claimed Brian was invited to the show and said he was “the ultimate housemate!”. (Credit: Cover Images)

Brian Dowling was “the ultimate housemate”

Responding on her Twitter account, Davina addressed the claims. She said: “Just an FYI. We did ask @brianofficial to be part of the show. He was ultimate housemate! That was a no brainer.”

However, Brian said: “On Thursday morning I posted a video on Instagram saying that I was hurt and upset that I wasn’t referenced at all as a host of Big Brother in the chat between all the presenters, and how this plays into my general treatment by the production company since they fired me.

Why did you feel that it was appropriate to post that?

“[Davina], why did you feel that it was appropriate to post that? Even if you were being asked then surely you would be well aware that it would make me look bad and incite bad comments about me, when you had no idea why I might have declined to take part?”

Brian went on to say he didn’t turn down Davina personally, and that she or anyone else never asked why. He continued: “I did not turn down filming a 10-second clip as an insult to you or Rylan.”

The Irish TV personality said the show “triggered lots of mental health issues”.

“When I was fired I was hurt, upset and publicly humiliated. My mental health and confidence has suffered terribly for the last seven years because of that and other events that occurred whilst I was the host.”

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Brain says he “had to make a comment”

He continued: “My career came to a halt because I could not even consider working on television for a good number of years after that and my reputation damaged.

“I think that is a very good reason why I did not want to film a 10-second clip, and you have no idea of what really went on seven years ago and what I went through at the time.”

“Once I saw your tweet and the amount of vitriol and abuse I was getting in response to it, I felt I had to post something explaining why I didn’t want to film the clip.”

Brian continued on his Instagram Stories to say responding was not something he wanted to do. Yet he said he felt he had no choice.

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He finally added: “I certainly don’t think I didn’t anything unreasonable in posting it – I had to make a comment in light of your very bold ‘FYI’ post to your 2.7million followers.

“I haven’t said anything since. However it’s now Saturday and you are still posting about this today. I genuinely don’t understand why, but I would really like to draw a line under this now please, as by continuing to post all you are doing is encouraging more negativity.”

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