Breastfeeding My Boyfriend on Channel 4

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend on Channel 4: Twitter explodes with memes and it’s more entertaining than the show

The show was very graphic

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Channel 4 viewers were shocked by Breastfeeding My Boyfriend last night and the Twitter reactions are amazing.

The documentary looked into the taboo surrounding adult breastfeeding and followed the lives of couples who explained the sexual pleasure they derive.

One of the couples was Lana Michaels and her fiancé Shawn, who said their connection deepened thanks to breastfeeding before sex.

Read on for more on the documentary and those viewer reactions…

Couple star in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend on Channel 4
Lana and Shawn explained their fetish for breastfeeding (Credit: Channel 4)

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend on Channel 4: What’s it about?

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend aired on Channel 4 last night and took Twitter by storm.

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The show aimed to address the taboo surrounding adult breastfeeding.

It also explored a “growing underground scene” that ranges from women producing milk for their partners, to the lucrative lactation porn industry.

What happened during Breastfeeding My Boyfriend?

During the programme, couple Lana and Shawn explained why they incorporated breastfeeding into their sex life.

Lana admitted: “Having breast milk makes me feel sexier, more confident and more of a woman.”

Meanwhile, Shawn said: “I always had a big attraction for her when she was pregnant and I think this was a natural kink for us to try.

“I think we liked it from the beginning.”

Couple star in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend on Channel 4
Button and Tip shared their breastfeeding experience online (Credit: Channel 4)

The documentary showed footage of Shawn sucking milk from Lana.

Elsewhere, lovers Tip and Button shared the same interest in breastfeeding.

However, the couple decided to share their experiences online.

Tip said: “I kind of figured people would get the wrong idea about it, but for the most part everyone got what we were trying to convey.”

When asked what breastmilk tasted like, Tip revealed: “Cold cereal milk… milk with a little bit of sugar in it.”

The documentary also included other participants who all share the same experience of breastfeeding.

One person, who went by the name Milky Mummy, explained that she produces adult content for those who find breastfeeding a turn on.

Viewers watching had very mixed responses to the documentary, with many people flooding Twitter with memes.

One person posted a GIF of a dog with its mouth open looking shocked as they wrote: “Absolutely. [Expletive]. Not.”

Twitter reaction to Breastfeeding My Boyfriend

Many people referenced the Little Britain “Bitty” sketch, which involved a grown man – played by David Walliams – still breastfeeding from his mother.

However, other people were just outraged by the documentary and shared their thoughts.

One person said: “They’re disgusting. And the weirdos that subscribe are just as bad. Oh it’s so wrong.”

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Another added: “I’m glad I’m not the only one outraged by this #breastfeedingmyboyfriend. Surely it’s just fuelling the breasts=sexual rhetoric.”

One wrote: “As open minded as you can be, some things are just disgusting.”

Milking My Boyfriend is available to watch on All4 now.

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