BREAKING: Controversial BB contestant has left the house and will not return

There'e been trouble brewing for days

If you thought Big Brother had got off to a quiet start, it’s well and truly warming up now.

The reality show has just released a brief statement to announce that a contestant has left the house, never to return.

Want to take a guess who?

Arthur Fulford…

Arthur has left the building (Credit: Channel 5)

The reason for his departure – very frustratingly – has not been revealed.

Big Brother has confirmed we will have to wait until tomorrow night’s show to see it happen.


Possibilities are endless, though. He’s managed to ruffle feathers in the short time he and his housemates have been in the televisual glass bowl.

On Friday, the posh youngster had a stand-up row with mouthy Kayleigh Morris after she got wind of the fact he’d said he had issues with her.

She berated him for not telling her to her face.

“I said it to you there earlier on, if you’ve had a problem, you should have said earlier on – your perfect opportunity,” she bellowed. “Do you know what, you are playing some silly little petty game.”

Not anymore, he isn’t!

But the 24-year-old really incurred the wrath of the former Ex on the Beach star when he accused her of not being a woman.

“You’ve been bullying me!” he bleated.

As she proceeded to let out a string of expletive insults, he dealt the harsh blow.

Arthur told Kayleigh she wasn’t a woman (Credit: Channel 5)

“I’ve given my life to women but I’m telling you now, you’re not a woman,” he shouted. “There’s no way any woman would behave this way.”