EastEnders branded “unwatchable” after latest props blunder

Tiny detail ruined emotional scene for some

We know these soap producers have to churn out five or six episodes a week, but it’s still worth double-checking those little details, because people WILL spot mistakes.

And loads of people spotted a blunder in EastEnders during an emotional scene featuring Shakil (Shaheen Jafargholi) and his mum Carmel (Bonnie Langford).

The pair were having a heart-to-heart about Shakil’s feelings for his ex-girlfriend Bex, when Carmel insinuated that she’d like to join her son in playing a videogame.

But no sooner had she suggested it than hawk-eyed critics were slating the show for an “annoying” continuity blunder.

With Shakil already holding a game controller, Carmel picked up the other one and said: “Show me how this works, then.”

And here is the crime: the two controllers were for completely different consoles.

And fans on Twitter wasted no time in aiming their vitriol at the soap.

One viewer slammed: “‘Show me how this works, then.’ Well, for starters, CARMEL, that’s a Nintendo Switch controller you’re holding, and Shakil is playing a PlayStation. Sort it out, BBC – literally unwatchable.”

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Another joined in: “Shakil is playing on his XBox or whatever, and Carmel gives him the controller for a Nintendo Switch?? How are they affording all of this?”

And a third observer agreed: “The only thing more annoying than Carmel’s constant interference is that she doesn’t clock that controller is for a different machine.”

Shakil probably didn’t even notice the controllers were different, as he’s got so much on his mind at the moment.

He’s convinced that Bex only has eyes for her old teacher Gethin Pryce, when in fact she’s made up her mind that she wants Shakil.

And while trying to glean some information from Bex’s bessie Louise in Thursday night’s double episode, he ended up snogging her.

Unbeknownst to them, Bex spotted their embrace and now she’s convinced that Shakil and Louise are all loved up.

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The coming week in Albert Square should be tense as anything as we find out how this love triangle is going to be resolved.

Somehow, we don’t think Shakil’s going to have time for videogames!

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