Bradley Walsh’s ‘showbiz son’ Olly Murs sends him birthday tribute

Rack it up, Mark!

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Olly Murs has thrilled fans by paying a special birthday tribute to his “showbiz dad” Bradley Walsh!

The former X Factor star recorded his own version of Bradley’s popular Instagram singalong, Bradders’ Bangerz, to mark the star’s 58th birthday.

Now, if you don’t follow Bradley Walsh on Instagram, you may not know what Bradders’ Bangerz is.

Olly Murs sings birthday tribute to Bradley Walsh
Olly sent a birthday tribute to Bradley! (Credit: Instagram @ollymurs)

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Basically, every morning on the way to work, Bradley gets his driver to “rack it up” as they sing along to a different song on the radio.

So, to mark Bradley’s birthday, Olly, 34, decided to record his own singalong!

Olly Murs birthday tribute to Bradley Walsh
Olly got his pal to “rack it up”! (Credit: Instagram @ollymurs)

Sitting in the passenger seat of a car, Olly told fans: “Afternoon everyone! I’m on my way to work and it’s Mursey’s Bangerz and, yes, it’s a certain someone’s birthday today and this, for one time and one time only, this is for you to Bradley Walsh!”

Olly then shouted to his pal: “Who is on the radio, Mark?”

“Bradley Walsh!”

Olly Murs birthday tribute to Bradley Walsh
Do NOT try this at home (Credit: Instagram @ollymurs)

“Bradley Walsh and what song?”

“That’s Life, Olly!”

Olly then got his friend to “rack it up” as he belted out the track for Bradley, even sticking his head out the car window. Er, not that you should try that at home…

Olly shared the video to Instagram with the caption: “Tribute to my showbiz dad on his birthday. Love ya See you soon.”

So far, there’s been no word from Bradley on what he thinks of Olly’s tribute!

But fans certainly loved the fun video, with plenty calling for Bradley and Olly to do a singalong together. Yes, please!

One wrote: “OMG brilliant 😂 your as mad as each other and I love it..😂 now you have to do one together.”

Another said: “You’re just as nuts as he is! Lol cheered me up today mind when very much needed it.”

A third added: “Do your own carpool karaoke together please.”

While there are no plans (yet!) for a singalong featuring both Olly and Bradley, they will team up for Soccer Aid this weekend.

The pair are both members of Team England at the charity event in aid of UNICEF.

They’re part of a team that includes Robbie Williams, Sir Mo Farah, Mark Wright, Ben Shephard and Damian Lewis.

Team England will go up against World XI, which features celebs such as Usain Bolt, Gordon Ramsay, Strictly’s Brendan Cole and Line of Duty’s Martin Compston.

The match kicks off on Sunday, June 10 at 8pm at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground.

Coverage starts from 6.30pm on ITV.

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