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Breaking Dad: Viewers in stitches as they beg ITV for more of Bradley Walsh and his son

They're driving across America

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Fans of Bradley Walsh‘s road trip show Breaking Dad are begging to see more of The Chase presenter and his son Barney as their American adventure continues.

Wednesday (15.01.20) evening’s episode saw Barney, 21, treat his dad, 59, to a string of adrenaline-inducing activities – including a morning of competitive lumberjacking.

Breaking Dad
Barney took his old man axe throwing (Credit: ITV)

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There was a hilarious moment when Barney struggled to chuck an axe into a target and Bradley, stepping up to take his turn, told him it was all about the ‘trajectory’ as if he knew what he was doing.

Barney looked sceptical but Bradley put him to shame by throwing the axe right into the target on his first attempt.

Breaking Dad
Bradley wasn’t smug at all… (Credit: ITV)

Elsewhere in the episode, the duo explored a forest where wild bears roam free.

Their guide told them about Bigfoot sightings in the area and at one point, the man performed a demonstration of a noise people have attributed to the legendary monster.

He proceeded to bellow out a long, howling wail – as Bradley and Barney stood trying to keep straight faces.

Breaking Dad
They also stopped off in a forest where bigfoot has reportedly been sighted (Credit: ITV)

On Twitter, viewers rushed to heap praise on the “hilarious” and “hysterical” show, with many admitting they wish the episodes were on for more than 30 minutes.

One said: “I can’t get enough of #BradleyWalsh and his son, Barney. They are so funny together and have such fun. Great idea for a programme. #BreakingDad.”

Another tweeted: “I’m really enjoying #BreakingDad with Bradley Walsh and his son. I usually hate when celebrities thrust their offspring into the limelight but it’s very funny and I love their relationship.”

Can I just watch Bradley and Barney every day, please?

A third wrote: “@BradleyWalsh, Barney and you are so funny, #BreakingDad needs to be an hour long, 30 mins is not enough, it is hysterical @ITV, please do another series and make it longer, funniest programme on telly.”

Someone else said: “Why is it only a 30-minute slot? Very funny episode, some very revealing outfits #BreakingDad.”

A fifth put: “Omg I love #BradleyWalsh in #BreakingDad, so funny, needs to be on longer than half an hour.”

“Oh my days, can I just watch Bradley and Barney every day, please?” said a fifth alongside two laughing-crying emojis, adding: “Absolutely howling watching #BreakingDad #Hilarious.”

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After the first episode aired last week (08.01.20), viewers called on ITV to make the programme longer.

ED! got in touch with the broadcaster and a spokesperson confirmed that this year’s series is, technically, on for longer – as it runs for six episodes, two more than the first series.

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