Bradley Walsh rants at contestant on The Chase over lame game

Taking the lower offer is never a popular choice

Yet again, The Chase was the topic of conversation yesterday after viewers saw Bradley Walsh rant at a contestant who decided to take the lower offer.

Contestant Scott bagged a healthy £5,000 during the cash builder round and went on to face Chaser Paul Sinha, aka The Sinnerman.

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But Scott made the decision to go low and take £1,000 despite being offered a whopping £30,000.

When asked which offer he was going to take Scott said: “I think it’s really important to get home so I’m gonna go £1,000.”

But host Bradley didn’t look too impressed and was left gobsmacked by his decision.

He ranted: “It’s important not to be ridiculed every time you step out of your house!

“What’s the matter with you lad? Pull yourself together!”

And of course his money-making decision didn’t go down well with viewers.

Writing on Twitter one said: “People who take the low offer are far more suited to being on Britain on Benefits than #TheChase.”

“I thought the point on going on a game show is to win money. Taking low offers tut tut #thechase,” another added.

A third said: “#TheChase Scott saying go high after going low. #theirony.”

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Despite Scott and another team member, Kelly, taking low offers the team went on to play for £11,000.

The quizzers managed to defeat the Chaser with seconds to spare.

And The Sinnerman was left looking frustrated after he failed to catch up with the team’s 14 steps.

With only two seconds on the clock the team managed to bag the money after successfully pushing him back six times.

Viewers watching from home branded the show the most “tense” final round.

One said: “That was so tense. I spilt my Cheerios. #TheChase.”

Another congratulated the team: “Well played team on #TheChase today beating @paulsinha at least Kelly didn’t make it to rip her teammates off! #gangofchase.”

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