Bradley Walsh almost disqualifies Chaser over breaking game rules

This won't help those fix claims

During the latest episode of the ITV game show, Bradley Walsh almost disqualifies Chaser Shaun Wallace after he answered the question before the host could finish reading it.

But he got away with it – just!

As the Dark Destroyer pressed the buzzer, it resulted in the contestant only having seconds to answer the question.

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The professional quizzers are supposed to wait for Bradley to finish reading the question before choosing their answer.

Presenter Bradley Walsh was sure to give the Chaser a telling off.

He said: “I could disqualify you.

“You pressed before I’ve asked the question. You know the rules.”

The quiz master quickly apologised for his mistake and the show carried on as normal.

This led to the Chaser beating contestant Danny and therefore he eliminated him from the competition.

But the remaining contestants beat the Chaser in the final chase and went home with £12,000 between them.

Shaun isn’t the only Chaser to get away with pressing the buzzer too early.

Last year Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess, got away with pressing the buzzer too early.

“It’s against the rules. You’re not allowed to do that,” host Bradley told her.

Does this prove the claims that The Chase is fixed? Hmmm…

But the Chasers aren’t the only ones making mistakes on the show.

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Just last week, viewers were appalled by a contestant’s huge blunder after he mistook Buzz Aldrin for Buzz Lightyear.

Bradley asked: “Who was the first American to take a selfie during a spacewalk?”

Andy replied: “I don’t have a clue. I think Buzz is… Buzz Lightyear.

“I know he’s a real astronaut but…”

But viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the hilarious mistake.

One said: “Idiot on #TheChase thought Buzz Lightyear was a real astronaut  How do these people get on.”

Another said: “Did that guy really think buzz aldrin was mr light year? #oh dear lol #thechase.”

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