Bradley Walsh accused of ‘cheating’ on The Chase

Viewers think contestant missed out on £1,000 prize money

The Chase viewers complained after thinking that Bradley Walsh had got the answer to a question wrong – and caused a contestant to miss out on £1,000 prize money.

Fans of the show thought that Bradley asked contestant Barbara to name the nut found inside a Ferrero Rocher.

Barbara answered “hazlenut” only to be told she was wrong.

It turned out that Bradley had actually asked her to name the nut inside a Ferrero Raffaello, which has an almond inside.

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Fans also got it wrong.

One viewer tweeted: “It’s a hazlenut in a ferrero. I huff at your answer.”

Another added: “I always thought ferrero rocher had hazlenut in it or are my taste buds playing tricks on me?! Almond?!”

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Others began looking the answer up on Google. “The Ferrero Rocher website say it’s a hazelnut not an almond,” wrote one viewer.  “You’ve got it wrong – give her more money!” wrote a second.

Another viewer was pointed out that people were jumping to wrong conclusions. “Listen to the question,” he wrote. “FERRERO RAFFAELLO”

On another recent episode, Bradley recently burst into giggles after reading a question.

He struggled to get his words out as he asked:”What is the name of the Chinese woman who shared the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine?

“Was it A, Tu Youyou. B, Tu Meemee, or C, Tu Youtomee?”

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