Emmerdale boss teases HUGE twists still to come in Tom Waterhouse story

Sounds like there's more to be revealed

Fans of Emmerdale already know that Debbie Dingle’s current squeeze, the very-easy-on-the-eye Tom Waterhouse, is not everything he seems to be.

He’s been unveiled as the mastermind behind the planned golf course and access road that’s threatening to leave the rest of the Dingle clan homeless.

Is Tom about to reveal more? (Credit: ITV)

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Tom was also responsible for Sam Dingle and his fiancee, Lydia Hart, being arrested earlier this week.

In an explosive clip posted on Emmerdale’s official Twitter page, big boss Iain McLeod, teases that this week is a huge chapter in Tom and Debbie’s story.

Ian reveals: “This week is a big, big chapter for Tom and Debbie. We’ve seen how in love with him she is. So this week, it’s going to be full of surprises, full of twists, full of turns.

“We’re going to find out whether Tom has been entirely straight with Debbie about everything.”

The spoiler also shows Debbie railing at her lover after discovering he’s behind the golf course that’s threatening the Dingle farm and Wishing Well Cottage.

She yells: “Now I know you’re a massive liar. You have watched my family in bits over this, you’ve pretended to feel sorry for them.”

Tom then pleads with her that he is sorry, but she doesn’t know the full story, suggesting there is still more to the mysterious Tom than meets the eye.

So what is the full story?

Is Debbie about to be left heart-broken? (Credit: ITV)

Since he arrived in the Dales last year, fans have been speculating over who the stranger – played by Ned Porteuos – really is.

Viewers have suggested he could be a relative of a former resident who’s come to the village for revenge on the Dingles.

Suggestions including Carl King’s son (who also happens to be called Tom), Cameron Murray’s brother and Charity’s stepson, Joseph Tate, have all been popular.

Meanwhile, while they might be heavily invested in Tom and Debbie’s story, fans have begged Emmerdale bosses to stop with the sex scenes already, because they find them cringy.

The plea comes after last night’s hour-long special (the show, not the bonking!) where the pair had sex on a boardroom table.

Fans are turned off with the constant sex scenes (Credit: ITV)

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Fans flocked to Twitter to call for an end to the sex-a-thon.

“Getting a bit peeved with Debbie and Tom just continually bonking,” raged one irritated fan.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV

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