Emmerdale boss teases epic cameo appearance for Christmas ep

They will feature in a Robron plot

It’s a given that our favourite soaps will run a big, dramatic storyline over the Christmas period – there’s a ratings war to win, don’t you know!

And Emmerdale bosses are planning a real humdinger for this coming festive season.

We’re finally going to see Robron – Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle – rekindle their romance (dun-dun-dun!).

But this won’t be any ordinary seasonal special. Oh no, this is going to be properly strange, with Emmerdale chief Iain MacLeod describing the episode as “crackers” (well, it is Christmas after all).

And – most excitingly – there will be an almighty cameo appearance.

MacLeod said: “It’s the episode I’ve been most nervous about since I started, just because of how crackers it is.

“It’s really entertaining and dramatic, and got it’s a surprise cameo in it and it’s stylistically a bit weird and romantic.”

Credit: ITV
There are wedding bells ahead for Robron… again (Credit: ITV)

Robert and Aaron – played by Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller – have lived out one of the most torrid relationships in soap history. The couple have stumbled upon one obstacle after another.

First, they were involved in that dreadful car crash, which they were lucky to escape from.

Then their hopes of a dream wedding were dashed when police burst in to arrest Faith Dingle for murder.

And next up, Aaron went to jail for assault, leaving lonely Robert to get his ex-girlfriend Rebecca pregnant.

So when Aaron came out of jail and promptly announced that he was leaving the village to get his head together, it looked like the final nail in the couple’s coffin.

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But, of course, he’s back now – and though he’s been dating dashing doctor Alex, MacLeod told that Robron have unfinished business.

‘That’s pretty much a single-strander,” the soap grand fromage teased.

Credit: ITV
The couple’s romance has seemingly been doomed from the start (Credit: ITV)

“It’s probably the weirdest episode that we’ve ever done – and that’s saying something.

“It’s really out-there.”

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And that’s not all. MacLeod revealed that the pair will finally get to say their vows – although you’ll have to wait a little longer for that.

According to MacLeod, viewers are in for a treat as the lovers reunite (Credit: ITV)

“The wedding is definitely still on the cards,” he said. “Be careful about when you book your summer holidays next year. Basically, I’m saying it’s in summer!”

Judging by what Robron have been through in the past, we won’t be holding our breath over that.

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