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Boris Johnson update: PM warns rise in coronavirus rates ‘inevitable’ as schools reopen

SAGE confirms kids are 'absolutely' safe in the classroom, though

Boris Johnson has issued an update on the day that schools across the country reopened.

Responding to a question towards the end of his Downing Street briefing today (March 8), Boris made the comments.

He admitted that “of course” cases will rise and even called it “inevitable”.

boris johnson update
Boris Johnson issued a coronavirus update today (Credit: BBC)

What did Boris Johnson say in his update?

Answering the question, Boris confirmed: “We do accept that, of course, there will be a risk of increased transmissions.

“That’s inevitable if you open up schools across the country.”

However, he added: “But we think we can do it now because we have a portion of the population vaccinated and we think it is prudent to be able to do so.”

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He also issued a warning about the opening up of the country in the next steps.

“But we will continue to be driven by data not dates and as we approach the next steps we will continue to assess where we’ve got to,” he said.

We do accept that, of course, there will be a risk of increased transmissions. That’s inevitable if you open up schools across the country.

Meanwhile, a leading scientific adviser has also warned a rise in virus case is “inevitable” as kids go back to school.

But SAGE member Professor Calum Semple also said that kids’ return to classrooms is “absolutely” safe.

Professor Semple said that a rise in coronavirus cases is inevitable
The Professor said kids were safe at school (Credit: BBC)

What did Professor Semple say?

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Professor Semple said: “The school infection survey is showing that primary school children are half as likely to have had [the virus] and probably half as likely to transmit it.

“Secondary school children [are] slightly less protected because as they become adolescents they effectively have the biology of an adult, but even there, they’re half to a quarter as likely to have had it and transmit it.

“So the main driver is not the pupil-teacher relationship.

“When we talk about schools, it is the fact that the school brings adults together, whether that’s teaching staff, the domestic staff, the catering staff, and it’s an opportunity for mixing.”

Kids going back to school
Kids are safe, the expert claims (Credit: Pexels)

The Professor went on to say a rise in cases is “inevitable” because “schools are a place of work”.

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He also said that the advice to teachers was to wear masks and enforce social distancing measures.

Professor Semple added that things would be “difficult” until the end of summer when most of the adult population receive their vaccination.

GMB viewers responded to the survey (Credit: ITV)

“It should be mandatory”

As kids prepared to go back to school, some members of the public weren’t convinced.

An ITV News survey concluded that 80 per cent of people think testing should be compulsory.

In response, one GMB viewer said: “It should be mandatory.

“My wife is helping to administer the tests. Why should she be put at risk because of namby-pamby parents?”

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