boris johnson umbrella: PM and prince charles laughing

These tweets about Boris Johnson’s umbrella buffoonery are giving us life

Boris' umbrella-opening skills could do with some improvement...

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Boris Johnson suffered an umbrella malfunction yesterday (July 28), much to the amusement of Prince Charles.

The Prime Minister and the Prince of Wales were attending a memorial service recognising the sacrifice of police officers who have died on duty.

However, Mr Johnson attempted to put up an umbrella during the ceremony and somehow managed to get it wrong… several times.

boris johnson umbrella
Boris Johnson struggled to put up his umbrella during the appearance (Credit:

Nearby onlookers, including Prince Charles and Priti Patel, struggled to contain their amusement as they watched the PM struggle with the umbrella.

However, now, people have shared hilarious memes and tweets on Twitter about the gaffe.

One person commented: “My 3 year old grandson is better behaved than Boris… honestly, how difficult is it to hold an umbrella? Goodness knows what Prince Charles made of him!”

Meanwhile, other viewers online were also similarly amused, with many of them laughing at Boris’ inability to perform what should be a basic task.

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Read on for some of the best tweets about Boris failing to use an umbrella.

Boris Johnson umbrella
Prince Charles found the umbrella gaffe amusing (Credit:

Boris Johnson umbrella gaffe: What did people say online?

One person on Twitter said the umbrella video was like a meme, saying that the PM “trying to figure out an umbrella is me trying to figure out life”.

“If you think Boris Johnson is bad at opening an umbrella just wait till you see him running a country,” someone else joked.

“I’ve often said that this government couldn’t run a bath but turns out Boris Johnson can’t put up an umbrella,” wrote another.

In addition, another added: “Let’s hope that if we do ever need to fire nuclear weapons, the launch button doesn’t in any way resemble ones that open umbrellas.”

After that, another person asked: “Is Boris broken? Who reaches the age of 50 or whatever he is and can’t work out an umbrella?”

Twitter users compared Boris to Mr. Bean

The video was so popular that ‘Mr Bean’ began trending on Twitter. Many users compared the PM and his umbrella to the clumsy children’s character.

However, not everyone appeared convinced though.

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“I find the comparison of Boris Johnson to Mr Bean highly offensive,” one person quipped.

“The fact that you could compare such a funny, intelligent and witty person to Boris Johnson is disgraceful.”

In addition, another joked: “I can’t believe how many People are insulting Mr Bean by comparing him to Boris Johnson. What did Mr Bean do to deserve this?”

Mr. Bean isn’t the only person Boris was compared to though, with one person joking he “must’ve taken umbrella lessons from Donald Trump”.

Meanwhile, another joked: “Boris Johnson handles an umbrella marginally better than he’s handled the country for the last two years.”

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