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Boris Johnson to ‘launch war on obesity’ in the UK following coronavirus battle

Prime Minister Boris Johnson apparently blames his own weight for suffering from extreme coronavirus symptoms

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly blames his severe coronavirus symptoms on his obesity.

The PM, 55, was in ICU after suffering coronavirus complications just last month.

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And now he is allegedly planning to wage a war on obesity in the UK in a bid to reduce unhealthiness nationwide.

According to The Times, Boris is convinced a battle against obesity is needed.

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Boris Johnson has put on weight in recent years (Image credit:

Columnist James Forsyth writes that the PM has reportedly changed his mind from having a traditionally hands off approach to obesity.

“I’ve changed my mind”

He writes that Boris Johnson declared in a conversation last week with some of his most senior ministers and advisers: “‘I’ve changed my mind on this. We need to be much more interventionist. The subject: obesity.”

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Boris apparently feels a ‘Nanny State’ attitude is necessary for tackling obesity nationwide. He also claims the PM become “obsessed” with encouraging commuters to cycle to work.

James continues: “I am told that the PM is “obsessed” with this idea and regards now as a good moment to get Britain on its bike.”

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1 in 4 adults in the UK are obese (Image credit:

Statistics repeatedly show that obese people are much more likely to suffer severe coronavirus symptoms.

Greater mortality rate

Obese sufferers face double the risk of hospitalisation. They also risk a 37% greater mortality rate than the non-obese.

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Bariatric surgeon Mr Ahmed Ahmed told The Sun that he had witnessed the staggering amount of overweight coronavirus patients in hospital.

Mr Ahmed, who now works at an ICU ward in a London hospital, claimed most coronavirus patients under the age of 70 are either overweight or obese.

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Obese patients have a higher coronavirus mortality rate (Image credit:

He told the paper: “Since age, gender and ethnicity are not modifiable, obesity is emerging as the one risk factor that we can treat to reduce the risk of significant COVID-19 illness/death.”

Separate research conducted at Glasgow University found that those with a higher BMI are at significantly more risk.

Paul Welsh, of Glasgow University, told The Times: “We’ve seen in numerous different studies that obese patients tend to progress in a worse way. People with obesity are more likely to end up in hospital with COVID.”

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