winter lockdown

Boris Johnson refuses to rule out winter lockdown and will take ‘further steps if necessary’

Will Britain shut up shop again?

Boris Johnson today (September 6) warned ministers he was ready to take the nation back into lockdown this winter if COVID-19 cases rise.

The PM’s spokesperson revealed the news earlier today, just days after Boris revealed he wants to keep the Coronavirus Act enshrined in law till March 2022.

winter lockdown
Boris Johnson hasn’t ruled out another lockdown this winter (Credit: Splash News)

Will the UK go into lockdown this winter?

Boris isn’t ruling out a winter lockdown, it seems.

It comes after he sparked fury among backbenchers with plans to extend the legal underpinning for COVID restrictions for another six months.

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The law gives authorities and police sweeping powers to restrict public gatherings, close premises and force people to self-isolate.

It would automatically lapse in March 2022, after two years in force.

winter lockdown
Could shops and restaurants be closed again? (Credit: Pexels)

PM will take ‘further steps if necessary’

Speaking earlier today, the PM’s spokesperson said they continue to “carefully monitor the situation”.

And they didn’t rule out taking “further steps if necessary”.

This would presumably be considered if cases started to significantly rise, putting pressure on the NHS.

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The rep said: “With regards to what comes next we need to carefully monitor the situation.

“As a responsible government, we retain the ability to take further steps if necessary but it is thanks to significant defences of vaccination programme that we are able to be one of the most open societies in Europe.

“And we will continue to push forward with vaccination programmes and that remains the case,” they added.

How do Brits feel about a winter lockdown?

It’s safe to say some aren’t happy with the prospect.

One Brit tweeted: “Boris Johnson is a scaremongering buffoon who has turned England into a police state.”

“Lockdown 4 will happen,” another predicted.

“As we already have heard, Brexit will effect supplies for Christmas. Boris will use lockdown to take attention away from that, as usual,” another claimed.

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