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Boris Johnson and wife Carrie won’t ‘face any further action’ over partygate

The Partygate investigation is over

Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ trial seems to be at an end after the Met Police announced that its investigation has come to an end.

This means that the PM won’t “face any further action” for the illegal parties – and it’s safe to say Brits aren’t happy.

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The PM won’t face any further action from police over partygate (Credit: 10 Downing Street / YouTube)

Boris Johnson partygate

The Met Police announced earlier today (Thursday, May 19) that its have finished its partygate investigation.

The Met Police recommended 126 fines for at least eight events in 10 D0wning Street and Whitehall.

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It was also revealed that the Met Police won’t be taking any further action against Boris Johnson.

The PM previously received one fine for attending his own birthday party in June 2020.

A spokesperson for the PM said: “The Met has confirmed that they are taking no further action with regards to the Prime Minister.”

Carrie Johnson and Boris Johnson smiling and clapping outside No.10 for the NHS
Carrie Johnson won’t face any further action either (Credit:

Boris Johnson to face ‘no further action’ over Partygate

Carrie Johnson, the PM’s wife, has also been informed that she won’t face any further action either.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who also received a fine, hasn’t received another one either.

Of the 126 fines, 53 went to men and 73 went to women.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Helen Ball of the Met, spoke about the investigation, which cost £460,000.

She said: “Our investigation was thorough and impartial and was completed as quickly as we could, given the amount of information that needed to be reviewed and the importance of ensuring that we had strong evidence for each FPN referral.

“This investigation is now complete.”

Safiah Ngah, a spokesperson for Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, said the results are “nothing short of a terrible insult to those of us who lost loved ones to Covid-19”.

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Brits were furious upon hearing the news (Credit:

Partygate news

Upon hearing the news that the investigation is at an end and the PM won’t face further action, many furious Brits took to Twitter to vent.

“And so he gets away with it! Unbelievable,” one Twitter user ranted.

“Highly suspicious. Let’s hope Sue Gray saves the day. I’m not optimistic though, to be honest,” another said.

“Absolute [bleep],” a third said upon hearing the news. “126 fines in one place of work led by Boris Johnson. He should resign.”

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“Whether he escaped fines or not, Partygate happened on the Prime Minister’s watch, in his yard. If he had any honour he’d resign,” another wrote.

However, not everyone was angry with the PM.

“Seems Boris was the only one not lying about partygate!!” one supporter of the PM wrote.

It now looks as though the Sue Gray report can be published. It is expected to be damning for the PM.

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