“Bored” David Beckham’s big nights out causing rift with Victoria, reports claim

Stories appear at odds with the couple's social media posts

Those Beckhams never seem to be out of the news, do they? In recent weeks, we’ve told you about the new tattoo David’s dedicated to his four kids, and little Harper playing with her mum’s Spice Girls dolls.

Sadly, today’s news is slightly less positive, with rumours of black clouds hanging over David and Victoria’s relationship.

According to The Sun, Goldenballs is “bored” with his life now that he’s retired from professional football.

And his “big nights out” – along with the people he hangs out with – are allegedly causing a rift between him and his wife.

According to The Sun, Becks is a “doting dad” but is “bored” of his everyday life (Credit: FameFlynet)

David has been pictured out and about a couple of times recently.

One of those occasions was at Wimbledon, where, to be fair, any ‘partying’ would’ve been restricted to the odd glass of Pimm’s with ice.

But it was an appearance at Glastonbury Festival last month that apparently set some tongues wagging.

It’s claimed that David looked worse for wear as he watched Ed Sheeran’s Sunday night headline set. And, while Victoria was by his side, it was later reported that she’d only flown in that day, with David and their eldest son Brooklyn having spent the whole weekend on Worthy Farm.

On that occasion, The Sun alleged that Brooklyn had been forced to play peacekeeper after Vic “had a go” at David for leaving her in the VIP area.

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That in itself doesn’t constitute marital problems, of course, but today’s report in The Sun suggests that the couple’s problems run deeper.

“Victoria is working harder than ever and is incredibly focused on running a business and being a working mother,” a showbiz source is reported as saying.

“David has never had more time on his hands, despite his very successful business. He’s a doting dad and spends so much time with his kids.

“But he still hasn’t got used to life without the routine of professional football. Quite frankly, he’s bored. That has led to a lot of partying and big nights out.”

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Today’s report in The Sun mentions some of the names David is alleged to be enjoying these “big nights out” with.

They include his best friend Dave Gardner – fiancé of US actress Liv Tyler – as well as model Poppy Delevingne and TV presenter Alexa Chung.

A supposed friend of the couple is quoted as saying: “It’s no secret [Victoria’s] not a fan of many of David’s friends.

“David has a different crowd that he’ll go out with when he knows Victoria isn’t on the scene. Of course, he wouldn’t mind if she decided to come out with them all. But it just doesn’t happen.”

Perhaps Dave should remind Vicky of that Spice Girls line from all those years ago: “If you wanna be my lover, you’ve gotta get with my friends.”