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Boots to launch ‘miracle’ £120 12-minute COVID-19 test but Brits brand it a ‘money-making scheme’

It's only for people who aren't showing symptoms

Boots is set to launch a COVID-19 test that will give results in just 12 minutes, but Brits have branded it nothing more than a “money-making scheme”.

Speaking about the launch, Boots managing director Seb James called the test a “miracle of technology”.

He added that the aim of the test is to “ease pressure” on the NHS.

The new test will be rolled out in selected stores in the next few weeks. It will cost £120.

person sneezing and looking ill in bed
Boots is launching a new coronavirus test but it’s for people who are asymptomatic (Credit: Pexels)

Who can take the new COVID-19 test?

The test is for people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus.

Anyone experiencing symptoms should follow Government advice and book a test with the NHS.

Boots also offers 48-hour tests, which have an accuracy rate of 99%.

The new 12-minute COVID-19 test has an accuratacy rate of 97-98%.

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The Boots MD added it was “slightly less accurate but not so much that it matters”, when talking on Sky News.

However, some are unsure what the test can actually be used for, other than to make personal decisions when it comes to isolating and seeing friends and family.

At the moment the test is not accepted by airlines that require a negative coronavirus test before a passenger is allowed to board.

person taking covid-19 swab test
The swab test results come back in just 12 minutes (Credit: Unsplash)

However, James said he’s hoping that will change.

“Those who have a particular purpose for the test can come into one of our stores and be tested in fairly short order.

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“It’s a miracle of technology and I think it’s just the beginning of how technology is going to help us solve this crisis.

“But at the moment most of the destinations that require a COVID test are looking for a so-called PCR, which is a 24 to 48-hour test that we send off to a laboratory.

“We’re hoping that will change over time but the 12-minute test has been approved by the MHRA [the government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] and we’re pretty sure that over time that technology will be accepted much more widely.”

covid swabs in a packet
The tests are carried out in store and will cost £120 (Credit: Pexels)

What do Brits think of the new test?

“Yet another company making money on back of a global pandemic. We should stop shopping at these greedy retailers,” slammed one Brit on Twitter.

“A waste of time and money,” another declared.

“Just a money-making scheme,” said another.

Why do people without symptoms want to buy a test? Just stop feeding the monster.

“I will NEVER pay for a test. Another money-grabbing scheme from big corporations,” said a fourth.

“It only tells you if you have COVID at that time and can only be done if you have no symptoms, what’s the point?” another asked.

“The in-store test service will cost £120 per test and will be available to anyone who is not showing symptoms. Err…!” tweeted another.

Why do people without symptoms want to buy a test? Just stop feeding the monster,” another demanded.

It might just ‘change our lives’

However, some said the test could “change our lives”.

“This could genuinely change our lives. Finally, quick tests for anyone not showing symptoms. Back to work, travel and seeing family,” they said.

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