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Thursday 5th December 2019

Boots deny claims they are 'skinny shaming' in their summer advert

They say they are celebrating body confidence

Boots have been forced to apologise for their summer advert, which is "tasteless" and "cringeworthy" according to some critics.

The advertisement is supposed to encourage viewers to "feel good about summer" - specifically their body shapes - but some say it shames slimmer women rather than being inclusive.

Does the advert promote body positivity? (Credit: Boots UK/YouTube)

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On the Boots UK official YouTube page, the advert is captioned: "This summer, Boots is all about celebrating body confidence.

"Stripping away the barriers that stop you from feeling fabulous this summer, and giving you the help and inspiration you need to do your summer, your way."

The advert shows two women preparing for their summer holidays, before throwing off their beach sarongs and frolicking in their bikinis in the sea.

Some viewers did NOT feel good about summer after watching the advert (Credit: Boots UK/YouTube)

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It's worth mentioning that the two ladies are not the usual size 0 models seen in fashion adverts, but still gorgeous.

They are also seen laughing at a poster of a slim model, as the lyrics of a song play out to the tune of Diana Ross' Coming Out, saying instead: "Leave it out. Nobody looks like that. It's just a load of chat."

And some have called the advert offensive and "skinny shaming".

Shaming one type of woman to normalise another is NOT promoting body positivity. It is skinny shaming.

A 20-year-old photographer from Aberystwyth wrote: "Boots seriously need to apologise for their lack of taste in their latest TV ad - 'nobody looks like that' said in reference to a skinny woman.

"Shaming one type of woman to normalise another is NOT promoting body positivity. It is skinny shaming."

Boots responded to the criticism, replying: "Sorry to see you feel that way, Georgia. The idea behind the advert is that the two women are shunning the unrealistic representation of the obviously airbrushed model - a symbol of how women are typically portrayed in the industry - rather than the actual woman herself. We have logged your comments for the marketing team's awareness, in any case."

However, Georgia wasn't happy, slamming the shop for not facing their responsibilities.

Others looked on as the two women made a splash in the water (Credit: Boots UK/YouTube)

She went on to say: "Here you go, Boots refusing to acknowledge their failure of representing ALL women. Newsflash Boots, saying 'nobody looks like that, it's just a load of chat' IS excluding skinny/slim women, women without stretch marks, etc.

"Just search 'Boots advert' for more women who agree."

And there were others who agreed, with another saying: "I get that it's kind of progress and trying its best, but I really cringe at the way the Boots advert makes it seem like whipping off a sarong when you're not model-thin is brave.

"Real progress would be not making that the subject of the ad, surely."

Another said: "Boots, your irritating advert really misses the mark and you're shaming slim, healthy women. 'Nobody looks like that' - erm... yes, people do. Strange how 'body positivity' only seems to apply to large people. #bootsadvert #fail."

"The Boots advert is still pitching women against each other, rather than just accepting all shapes and sizes - naturally slim people or people that enjoy sports shouldn't have to be made to feel vain or fake," slammed another.

However, some applauded the advert, with one tweeting: "Finally a summer advert with all types of women's bodies, which is both empowering and encouraging for all body types #boots #thighscomingout."

Another said: "Well done Boots. So great to see real women being used in adverts rather than skinny women pulling natural women down. They look amazing, don't be ashamed, our bodies tell a story. Enjoy being you."

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