Bodybuilder fries and eats his daughter’s PLACENTA “to make gains”

If you're squeamish, look away now!

New father Aaron Curtis didn’t just bring his newborn baby home from the hospital, he also brought the placenta.

As you do…

He then grilled and ate it!

We wish this was a joke, but he really did and he filmed it for the whole world to see!

The bodybuilder kept the placenta in the fridge for a week, before frying it and tucking in – all in the hope of “making some gains”.

Before the clip begins, Aaron explained: “I thought I better cook it and wash off some of the slime before I eat it… to minimise the chance of dying.”

He explained in his YouTube video: “With the birth of my first child, I thought I would consume the organ that provided her with life during the pregnancy, in the hope of making some gains.”

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Aaron is seen cooking the organ on a barbecue, apparently this would ensure he didn’t get “botulism, or something”.

Once cooked, the organ turned from a blood red to a blackened mould.

With his friend filming, Aaron cuts a piece before wolfing it down.

Excuse me, while I go and grab a bucket.

After having a thoughtful chew, he offered his verdict.

“It tastes like liver, I think. A little bit overdone.”

A friend off-camera then asked if he would be frying any more, but his girlfriend Erica was quick to jump in and say: “No, I’m putting my foot down.”

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Although Erica had put a stop to Aaron’s snack, he later revealed that some “wild animals” had tucked in for themselves.

He wrote: “That feeling, when you wander outside, only to find some wild animal has pulled your newborn daughters umbilical cord and placenta out of the garbage bin and left bits and pieces all over the front yard. (sic)”

How lovely.

His partner wasn’t the only one disgusted with his decision, as many Facebook users voiced their opinions.

One wrote: “Congratulations on officially becoming a cannibal.”

Another one added: “I thought this was all a joke. Now I’m about to vomit and never want to speak to [him] again.”

We don’t blame you love!

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