EastEnders: Bobby Beale back in Walford to kill again?

More blood on his hands, it's feared

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EastEnders fans have come up with a new Bobby Beale theory following his unexpected appearance earlier this week – and it involves him getting up to his murderous ways again.

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And who do they reckon Bobby will off this time with a random household item? None other than Max Branning, the man sent to prison by Bobby’s parents, Ian and Jane, in order to protect the Bobmeister.

Fans have been speculating that Bobby cropping up via a video clip on Max’s phone mean a full time return for the baby-faced assassin.

They seem to think that it would be poetic justice for Bobby – who is currently serving time in juvenile detention for killing his sister, Lucy – to be the one that brings Max’s reign of terror to an end.

Viewers have been tweeting about this new theory A LOT over the past few days.

One fan tweeted: “anyone else starting 2 hope bobby will ultimately kill max?”

Another added: “I bet Bobby is going to kill off Max Branning and the whole Wilmott-Brown clan.”

A third said: “Hopefully Bobby will come back and kill Max.”

As well as accidentally killing Lucy by hurling a jewellery box at her head, Bobby also attacked his adoptive mum, Jane, with a hockey stick, leaving her in a wheelchair.

Viewers also know he tortured and killed Dennis Rickman’s pet tarantula, by pulling its legs off one by one.

Yet Jane is still happy to welcome the demon child back with open arms when he’s finished his sentence next year. Asking for trouble if you ask us.

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So while Max might have that sinister vibe down to a tee, how will he fare when faced with Albert Square’s true villain?

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