Blind Date viewers turned off by hopeful’s statement shirt

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Blind Date returned for a Christmas special on Saturday night, with Paul O’Grady back at the helm.

Two couples were paired off in the pre-recorded episode, meaning viewers got to witness their dates.

And while couple number one, Craig and Naomi, seemed to hit it off, the second pairing, James and Jackie, were not so well matched.

The two jetted off to Portugal for their date, which included a bumpy boat ride, orange picking, and drinks on the beach.

While James – who turned up in an eye-catching shirt – fell for Jackie, his feelings were not reciprocated to the disappointment of viewers.

She said: “The first thing I noticed about James was his shirt… that was a shock.”

However, she said he was not her type before calling him a “perfect gentleman”.

Our eyes! (Credit: Channel 5)

Asked by O’Grady if she would not see James in any circumstances, she said: “Have you got Facebook?… I’ll give you a like.”

Some fans agreed with her on the shirt but said James was “better off” without Jackie.

@RhiLouJones wrote: “How rude is she though. don’t accept her friend request James.”

@Ros3Broughton tweeted: “I’m sorry but poor James deserved better, he’s lovely bless him.”

@JillHudson posted: “So she’s gonna give him a like on FB.. #blimey.”

@SeaThundr wrote: “That shirt…. [bleeping] hell. First a bad tie but that shirt….. Someone needs a fashion consultant #BlindDate.”

Other viewers thought his outfit looked like something from US crime drama Magnum PI.

Blind Date returned to screens via Channel 5 in June after 14 years off the air.

Paul replaced Cilla Black, who died in August 2015 and had hosted the dating show from 1985 until 2003.

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