‘Blessed’ Shannen Doherty posts sweet Instagram tribute to hubby

Beverly Hills 90210 star is battling cancer, doing 'love your spouse' challenge

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Shannen Doherty has praised her husband for being there for her during her breast cancer battle in a touching Instagram post.

The Beverly Hills 90210 actress – who is battling breast cancer – is taking part in the ‘love your spouse’ challenge, which involves couples celebrating their relationship by posting a photo from their romance a day for a week.

On Saturday, next to a selfie with her husband Kurt Iswarienko, Shannen, 45, wrote: “It’s the 6th day of the #loveyourspousechallenge.

“This is us now. Life has handed us an interesting card with cancer and although we would both prefer to not be faced with such a terrible disease, we must also search for the good.”

The actress, whose hair is showing signs of growing back after her chemotherapy, added: “Am I blessed? Yes. Blessed form my friends that I have. Blessed that I have a fantastic mom and blessed that this man is in my life.

“Cancer gives a clarity that is unique. I’ve seen friends run, I’ve seen strangers step up, I’ve seen the unwavering still unwaver and I’ve seen kurtiswarienko there for it all.

“That’s friendship. That’s love.”

Throughout the week Doherty shared other photos from her relationship with her husband.

The photos include a picture that was taken during a surprise trip to South Africa. The actress says it was the “best trip I’ve ever been on.”

She added: “As I said before…I’m lucky. I married my other half, my soul mate.”

Other photos sprinkled throughout the week included one of Shannen and Kurtis laughing at a speakeasy in Spain, one of the couple sailing in Greece and one that was taken on their wedding day in 2011.

She wrote that the ceremony was “exceptional because we committed for better or worse, in sickness or in health to love and cherish one another.”

Shannen went on to say: “Those vows have never meant more than they do now.

“Kurt has stood by my side thru sickness and makes me feel more loved now than ever.

“I would walk any path with this man. Take any bullet for him and slay every dragon to protect him.”

On that day she also revealed that actress and friend Sarah Michelle Gellar is the one who “softly suggested” the challenge to her and her husband.

The 39-year-old Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress has been sharing her romantic photos with actor hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. on Instagram too.

On her final post of the challenge on Friday, Sarah Michelle wrote: “It’s been really fun taking this journey. It’s amazing how a simple picture can bring back every emotion felt in a moment.”

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