The Black Full Monty on Channel 4

The Black Full Monty: Viewers turn off ’embarrassing’ Channel 4 documentary

Some found the stripper documentary difficult to watch

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The Black Full Monty aired on Channel 4 last night, but some viewers found it ‘uncomfortable’ viewing and had to switch over.

The documentary, shown on Thursday (September 10) evening, introduced viewers to The Chocolate Men – Britain’s first all-black strip dancing tour group.

The Black Full Monty shocked Channel 4 viewers last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened in Channel 4 documentary The Black Full Monty?

The Black Full Monty featured graphic scenes from the group’s popular shows, including one scene in which one of the performers, Django, allowed a woman to briefly give him oral sex on stage.

The show explains that all sex acts during performances are prohibited by licencing laws.

Django’s bosses pull him in for a crisis meeting, and after tense discussions decide to let him remain with the group.

One of the performers in The Black Full Monty briefly engaged in a sex act on stage (Credit: Channel 4)

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Elsewhere in the programme, customers – many of whom are white women – comment on what they have seen and enjoyed in the shows.

One says: “We’re not going to pounce on them, we don’t want to take them home.”

Another asks: “How many white guys do we know who can move their body like that?”

They reply, “None” and when asked the same question about black men, they answer: “Yeah, quite a few”.

Some viewers had to switch it off (Credit: Channel 4)

What did viewers say about The Black Full Monty?

On Twitter, some viewers admitted they found the programme “embarrassing”, with others claiming it sexualised and pushed stereotypes of black men. Others said they had to switch over.

One tweeted: “@channel4 have scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one #BlackFullMonty. Right as BLM needs some more momentum, they said, ‘Hey, let’s get some white women to discuss how they sexualise black men’.”

Further reinforcing the fetishisation of the black male body by white women, a big shame.

Another wrote: “Five mins in was enough. Stereotypes everywhere… no thanks #blackfullmonty.”

A third said: “Yeah, I can’t watch this bile anymore.”

“#BlackFullMonty was an embarrassing watch,” said a fourth. “Further reinforcing the fetishisation of the black male body by white women, a big shame.”

Some found the Channel 4 documentary ‘hard to watch’

Someone else said: “The Black Full Monty is one of the most cringeworthy, embarrassing pieces of TV in a long time. So far, zero options of black women – just white women fetishising over stereotypes of black men as animals. #blackfullmonty Trash, cheap, shallow.”

One said they found it “hard to watch” and another replied: “I had to change over, it is painful and not in an educational way.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 told ED: “The film represents the experiences of one unique group of performers in the UK. The film explores questions about race and stereotyping with contributors sharing their individual experiences in their own words.”

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Not everyone felt that way though. Some said they thought it was “great” and admitted they really “enjoyed” watching.

One viewer, not holding back, said: “Enjoyed #blackfullmonty and tbh don’t blame the woman for getting overexcited and sucking off Django.”

Another said simply: “That was great #BlackFullMonty.”

– The Black Full Monty is available to watch now on All4

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