“Bitter” Carol McGiffin hits out at Loose Women’s 18th birthday celebrations

She wasn't invited on the show

If you’ve been watching Loose Women this week you’ll know that they have made quite a huge deal about it being their 18th birthday.

Every day this week the show has done something special to commemorate the occasion, but the big day itself was today.

Carol has lashed out on Twitter (Credit: FameFlynet)

Many of the show’s past panelists were brought on the show throughout the week, and they even did a heartfelt tribute to those who had passed away since being on the show, including Lynda Bellingham.

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Carol McGiffin was a regular host on the show between 2003 and 2013, but apart from one picture in a slideshow, she was completely ignored from the birthday celebrations and wasn’t invited on the show, according to the lady herself.

She replied to a follower who asked her if she had been invited to make an appearance.

Carol was a regular on the show for many years (Credit: ITV)

She sarcastically said: “Don’t be daft Aaron, I only did 13 years and over 1,000 shows, why would I even be asked???!!!”

But that wasn’t it as fans started to tweet her about her absence from the celebrations, Carol tweeted back to a fair few people to show her outrage.

One person tweeted her saying: “Did notice a distinct lack of you in any of the archived footage,” to which Carol replied: “You’re not the only one who noticed… it’s not like they didn’t have a lot of material to choose from! #1,174shows.”

Carol took an even bigger swipe at the show, as one fan tweeted: “What did you do to upset them?” She replied: “Dunno. Maybe it’s because We (the old gang) left and the show stopped winning awards? Who knows?” Ouch!

And if you thought that was bad enough, she even replied to a tweet from the Loose Women official Twitter account!

Credit: ITV
Carol was a panelist on the show for a decade (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women tweeted yesterday: “Soooooo many incredible women on the show over the past 18 years. Don’t miss the show tomorrow to celebrate! 12.30pm on @ITV #LooseWomen18.”

Carol replied directly to the tweet, with a sarcastic comment. She said: “Yeah, don’t miss the show because sooooo many of those ‘incredible’ women won’t be on it!”

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But many people tweeted Carol calling her “bitter” for her comments.

One person tweeted: “God you’re bitter. Get over it and move on, it’s a celebration so be happy or be quiet,” while another said: “Someone sounds bitter!!”

“Bitter they didn’t ask you,” said a third, while another tweeted: “Wouldn’t have thought you were the bitter type Carol. C’mon you’re better than that.”

To address the rumours that she was angry and bitter, Carol tweeted to her followers: “Not furious, not surprised, just a teeny bit sad.” Aw!

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