Binky Felstead SLATED – again – over parenting advice on Instagram

But not everyone thinks she's in the wrong...

Not for the first time this year, Binky Felstead has been getting it in the neck for her parenting methods.

The Made In Chelsea star, 27, posted a picture of herself with her six-month-old daughter India on Instagram yesterday, and accompanied it with some blurb promoting a babysitting app she uses.

However, some fans were outraged with the post, calling the mum “ridiculous” and “irresponsible”.

Binky Felstead/Instagram
Binky and India look so happy in the social media pic (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

Alongside the cute pic, which shows mother and daughter beaming away, Binky wrote: “Finding great babysitters to look after our bubbas is tough… So, mums, check out the @bubblebabysittingapp.

“I’ve been using it a lot recently – it’s been a saviour being a working mummy.

“All sitters on the app have passed a background check, and you can see the sitters your friends use and their reviews from other parents.

“You can pick someone that’s totally right for you – and it’s cashless too, which I absolutely love.
Search bubble babysitter in the app store.”

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But while nobody could fail to find the picture cute, a lot of the star’s followers tore into her comments.

One slammed: “You can’t be serious, Binky! I don’t know anyone who would leave their child with a stranger found through an app, let alone an extremely well-known, wealthy personality.

“Speak to who manages your posts and endorsements, and tell them to cop on. You will be modelling real fur next at this rate…”

Binky Felstead/Instagram
Binky’s partner is Made In Chelsea co-star Josh ‘JP’ Patterson (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

Another added: “This is actually the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. What sane person would leave their child with a random from an app? Absolutely disgraceful marketing ploy from someone who should know better!”

A third scoffed: “Some people don’t care who they leave their children with as long as they’re still going out.”

And one follower chipped in: “I feel like this is pretty irresponsible!”

However, not everyone took that stance – and others pointed out that the reality star had done nothing wrong.

Binky Felstead/Instagram
This photo, uploaded by Binky last month, also caused a stir (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

One spat: “Absolute madness that @binkyfelstead is being slated like this! As a professional nanny who often uses apps such as this for weekend babysitting, it’s absolute nonsense.

“The checks could not be more thorough, and you are face to face or Skype interviewed, as well as needing professional references, DBS, first-aid certificates and early-years qualifications.”

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Last month, Binky and her partner, Made In Chelsea co-star Josh ‘JP’ Patterson, were criticised for uploading a picture to Instagram that showed their – and India’s – bare feet sticking out from under a duvet.

Some fans questioned whether the tot could suffocate while being kept under cover.