Binky Felstead praises her brave mum following life-changing diagnosis

Jane Felstead opened up about her condition in a candid interview

New mum Binky Felstead has praised her own mum, Made In Chelsea star Jane Felstead, for opening up about her life-changing diagnosis.

Jane was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) – a progressive disease of the brain and spinal cord – after going to doctors with aching joints and fatigue.

Binky, 27, shared a post on her Instagram expressing how proud she is of her mum.

Binky expressed how proud she was of her mum (Credit: Instagram)

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Jane spoke to the Daily Mail about her condition. Binky shared a photo of the article alongside a sweet message to her mum.

She wrote: “Very proud of my madre for raising awareness about MS today in the Daily Mail.

“I hope her story can in some way help others, even if it’s being persistent on finding out what’s wrong if you’re not feeling 100% or making sure you always keep your health checks a no 1 priority! Xx @mummyfelstead ❤️.”

For more than 20 years 65-year-old Jane believed she had fibromyalgia, a condition that causes aching joints and fatigue.

But she actually had MS and was completely unaware. Many people with the condition can end up in a wheelchair without treatment.

Jane was diagnosed with MS earlier this year (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to the publication Jane admitted: “I was terrified.

“My maternal aunt had MS and was bedridden for the last 12 years of her life, so the moment the doctor said ‘MS’, all I could see in my mind was a wheelchair.

“I was too shocked to cry. The tears came later that night when I went home and was on my own.”

MS can affect the brain, spinal cord and the optic nerves in the eyes meaning it can cause problems with vision, balance and muscle control.

Jane went on to explain how frustrated she was after realising she had been misdiagnosed for two decades.

She continued: “I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia more than 20 years ago.

Jane believed she had fibromyalgia after being diagnosed over 20 years ago (Credit: Instagram)

“At the time I had three young children, a husband, two houses to run, horses to look after — I was busy so I didn’t have time to give much thought to my health.

“I was exhausted and was having pains and the odd weakness in my joints, but there’s no cure — I was just told to get on with it.”

Jane went on to explain that she got daughter Anna-Louise, 37, to break the news to her siblings Binky and Oliver, 36.

The mum-of-three added: “Binky rang me later that evening and said ‘MS, is that dangerous?’ which cracked me up.

“She rang back after Googling it and said: ‘I’m in tonight and I thought it might be nice if I cooked you dinner’.

“It’s the first time in her life she had suggested that.”

Jane with her daughters – Binky and Anna-Louise (Credit: Instagram)

But Jane revealed she’s staying positive about the condition as she said: “I feel blessed, in a way — I know what’s wrong with me.

“I’m going to strip out all the rubbish in my life and spend as much time as I can with these lovely grandbabies of mine.

“In many ways, the diagnosis has been liberating.”

Jane became a grandmother twice this year after Binky welcomed her baby daughter India back in June while Anna-Louise gave birth to her son Freddie one month later in July.

Binky’s boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson announced the arrival of his baby girl on Instagram.

Binky and Josh welcomed their little girl India back in June (Credit: Instagram)

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In a super sweet photo of Josh cuddling and holding the tiny tot’s hands he wrote: “I’M A DADDY.”

Fans rushed to congratulate the couple with one writing: “Huge congrats to you both!”

“Congratulations to your arrival of a healthy baby girl. You and @binkyfelstead are going to make wonderful and loving parents,” said another.

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