Binky Felstead’s latest baby photo sparks furious Instagram debate

She's caused a storm... again

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It’s hard to believe that uploading pictures of your kids to social media could cause so much stress.

But Made In Chelsea stars Josh ‘JP’ Patterson and Binky Felstead have found themselves at the centre of a furious debate after posting a photo of their baby daughter India to Instagram.

On the surface, the snap looks pretty innocuous – in fact, it’s rather cute – but some people managed to find fault in it. And that provoked others to hit back in defence of the couple, leading to an all-out verbal war.

Josh Patterson/Instagram
The picture caused a furore on social media (Credit: Josh Patterson/Instagram)

The black-and-white shot depicts five-month-old India’s feet sandwiched between JP and Binky’s as they all lie under a duvet.

It’s captioned with the words: “I guess we know who’s in charge in this family!”

But the fact that the family – and specifically India – were lying UNDER the duvet seemed to rile certain observers.

One person commented: “Can the baby breath [sic] or?”, while another moaned: “Poor baby! She needs to breath [sic]!”

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Cue a furious response from those who thought the photo was nothing more than a young family making sweet memories.

One follower asked: “When’s the last time anyone stuck their head under a duvet for 30 seconds and immediately started suffocating?”

The Made In Chelsea stars have been posting loads of cute pics (Credit: Josh Patterson/Instagram)

Another seethed: “Shush, mummy police, you can’t see how far up the duvet goes, and it would have been seconds to take the pic. They’re not idiots, so wind your necks in!”

And a third fan of the couple raged: “@binkyfelstead and @joshuapatterson_jp are more than capable of caring for their baby!! And what photographer would get involved if any harm was being done?”

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It’s not the first time the couple have been at the centre of a storm over their parenting skills.

Back in August, Binky was criticised after posting a picture of the then-two-month-old India in the bath with just her face emerging from the bubbles.

Binky Felstead/Instagram
Binky’s picture of India in the bath didn’t go down well with some (Credit: Binky Felstead/Instagram)

One concerned fan wrote: “Poor little India. Hope you managed to get the bubbles out of her ears!”

And another chipped in: “Careful with her ears. I’ve got a six-month-old and know we should keep their ears away from water while giving them a bath. They’re so little.”

Well, if we all agreed on everything, life would be boring, wouldn’t it!