Has Bill Ward’s beard given away who dies in Emmerdale?

He appeared on This Morning with a copious amount of facial fluff

The world of soaps is about to lose another character as the ‘Time Twist’ week on Emmerdale is going to have a fatal ending.

With at least four characters in the waiting room of the grim reaper, there is much speculation as to who will not make it.

The ITV soap provided viewers with the most expensive stunt in soap history and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Twelve cars were involved in a horror smash and it left viewers gobsmacked at its intensity.

With car parts flying all ways, there is no doubt that there will be casualties.

Village vicar Ashley Thomas was last seen wandering in the woods after somehow getting back on his feet.

The dementia sufferer was confused as to how he had ended up in the middle of a huge multi-vehicle accident.

What he did think was that he needed to be somewhere else but will this walk in the woods be the last steps he takes?

Elsewhere, Aaron Dingle was saved from drowning by his partner Robert Sugden, while Rhona and Paddy looked a little worse for wear after their car rolled several times.

The character that was in the most difficult position though was James Barton, played by Bill Ward.

He plunged from a road bridge on to Ashley’s car after being pushed by partner Emma.

It looked like he would have died instantly but at the end of the tense episode, it was revealed that he was still alive.

With him clawing his way back from the dead, there was some hope that James has made it through.

That was until the usually clean-shaven actor appeared on This Morning… sporting a beard!

Has this blown the chances of survival for James?

With Emmerdale being filmed around a couple of months in advance, the facial hair could be the clue that unravels the plot surrounding who dies.

Bill Ward has already revealed that he is leaving the ITV soap and has his beard just hammered the final nails in to James’s coffin?