Big Brother viewers disgusted as housemate wees in the hot tub

Her housemate LAUGHED

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Hot tubs and pools have seen their fair share of action on Big Brother over the years.

We’ve seen Anthony and Makosi get it on in series six.

We’ve seen Denise Welch lose not only her bra but her dignity when she let it all hang out with Frankie Cocozza in Celebrity Big Brother in 2012.

Chanelle was having such a lovely soak in the hot tub – she just didn’t want to leave (Credit: Channel5 )

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Now viewers have been subjected to scenes even more shocking than anything  they’ve seen before.

While soaking up some rays in the afternoon sunshine in the hot tub Chanelle McCleary let slip a rather shocking secret to her house mate Raph.

While Chanelle was chatting to Raph, she let slip a shocking secret (Credit: Channel5)

Without an ounce of shame or regret, Chanelle announced: “I’m having a wee, I hope they’ve not just put chlorine in.”

Shocked? Well don’t be! After all she is Ex On The Beach alumni, so nothing is off limits to her.

A horrified Raph, who was dangling is feet into the pool at the time, questioned: “You’re having a wee in the hot tub? Why don’t you just go to the bathroom? It’s right there.”

Chantelle revealed she had peed int he hot tub – ew! (Credit: Channel 5)

But it would seem Chanelle was too lazy to shift her bones across the garden, replying, “it’s too far”.

Chantelle couldn’t help but burst into giggles – the lucky pup! (Credit: Channel 5)

In spite of the fact Chanelle’s actions were pretty icky, the pair of them started laughing like drains.

As they guffawed, Big Brother then announced that the hot tub would remain out of bounds.

Big Brother viewers, who have seen their for share of horrific scenes on the show, were particularly uncomfortable about what they had just seen.

“Ok so I’ve gone from liking Chanelle to hating her, it in the time it took her to piss in the pool. What a lazy stupid tramp. #BBUK ” one very harsh viewer raged.

Chantelle may have found her actions funny but viewers didn’t (Credit: Channel 5)

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Another outraged Tweeter wrote: “Chanelle pees in the public hot tub and they’re acting like this is normal.”

A third viewer was incensed that Chanelle was too lazy to get out of the pool. “Chantelle peed in the hot tub because the bathroom was too are to walk. Jesus Christ.”

Wow! First week in and already we’ve had a hot tub scandal! Go Chanelle!