Big Brother star reveals why she’s selling off her furniture online

Chanelle Hayes proves she has a good business mind!

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Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes has been forced to explain why she has decided to sell off a load of furniture online for as little as £3.

Some cruel trolls had suggested that the bubbly beauty was so hard up she was being forced to sell of items from her home to make ends meet.

But the gobby star says that’s not the case at all and is merely trying to ditch some of her boyfriend Ryan Oates’ that she didn’t like the look of after they moved in together.

Among the items on offer are sofas, a dining room table and chairs and some of her son’s baby clothes that he has grown out of.

Taking to Twitter to explain herself, the mum-of-one wrote: “Am I not allowed to have clearouts?! We have recently moved in together and his decor wasn’t to my taste so we’ve got rid all his stuff and some of mine and are redoing the house.

“He recently raised over 10k for charity so why on earth we are getting stuck for selling old furniture n toys is beyond me! ”

The business-minded star added: “Anyway, when you’re from Yorkshire you generally like a deal! Why should I pay people to take my old stuff away when others will buy it?!”

And her prices are a bargain! A crushed velvet purple sofa was selling for just £50, a bed side table for just £10 while she was also selling off some of her designer stilettos for a ‘you-must-be-crazy’ £5.

Lord Sugar, perhaps she can be your next apprentice.

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